Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pictures are in!

Pictures finally went up on facebook from the High Standards Horse Trials July 30th. So did the pictures from BCHP. Those can be seen here. There are a couple of Red and I's sloow start in the public gallery (Elementary X-Country), including one of me trying to go under a tree without getting knocked out. My mom bought me a couple, including one of us killing the stone wall. Whoop!

big smile after going over the ditch.

final fence!


second to last fence in stadium.
Bobby looks seriously cute in his cross country pictures. I'm so bummed I'm not going to be able to bring him along myself. He's so fun to ride and I know I've brought him along in huge leaps and bounds from where he was when I first got him. Sigh. A COTHer is coming to look at him tomorrow and it sounds like a really great fit, but I'm still seriously bummed.

Hubby and I took a look at Hidden Hollow Farm yesterday, and......Red found a new home! We're moving him there the first. Originally, we'd planned on moving him as soon as Bobby found a new home, but the Saturn got new brakes, and calipers, and rotars, and tires. Ugh. So that was a month's board and Red's going to have to tough it out for a couple more weeks. The woman that owns/runs the place seems like a tough old bird, but in a good way. She knew every little thing about every single one of the horses, boarders included. All her horses, even several 20-30 year old ones, looked fat and shiny. She feeds hay hay 24/7 and she's always out in the barn or giving lessons so she misses nothing. About 75% of her land is pasture with wood fencing and every paddock has a run-in. The barn itself if pretty rag-ma-rag with several different sized stalls, but there's a ton of shaving, everyone has fans, there's no dust, flies, or cobwebs anywhere, mats on all the aisles, and each boarder gets their own tack locker. Her husband and son both died a few years ago so her jumps, xcountry included, are looking pretty sad, but she does have them. She was also super interested in working out something with Hubby (who used to build jumps with an eventing trainer) building and restoring the jumps. She'd buy the materials and he'd get to work. We didn't decide anything final, but at least we got it out there.

Gahh, I can't wait to move on from the shitty point in my ponies lives and get to some place better!

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