Friday, August 19, 2011

Hubby is like....

Ok, so in my infinite moneyless boredom, I decided to waste literally my entire day on the internet as I only have enough money for one more $10 squirt of gas, and I have to use that to get to the barn Monday to load up Bobby. After perusing several random blogs, spending far too much time on the Chronicle Forums, and chatting with anyone who was willing to stay online when they saw me being active of the facebook, I revisited the classic "Put your name in quotes on google and see what comes up" Game.

My results were boring. They were mostly soap opera drama. Apparently Carly is a t.v. vixen. " It's true, Carly is like OBSESSED with you, Logan!" "Carly is like 15 yrs younger than Sonny!" I also stumbled across some Carly Patterson (Olympic gymnast, for those living under a Carly-less rock) drama. "Carly is like the little kid who drank too much high-sugar fruit punch at the party and now nobody can shut her up."

Oh, no you didn't.

Well, then that game got tiring pretty quickly, so I put in Hubby's name instead. LOL. Waay better.

"Aaron is like cupcakes, blow jobs and Christmas morning all rolled into one atom bomb of a man."

Oh, yes. Yes he is.

atom bomb? yes.
 Of course, after seeing such an apt description of dear ole Hubby, I had to see more. So I followed the link. To further expand your knowledge:

“Aaron is like cupcakes, blow jobs and Christmas morning all rolled into one atom bomb of a man. I would show up to the opening of an envelope if Aaron told me he would be there. I have never felt more loved, more comfortable, more welcome, at any function than when my Guncle is there to greet me. And you know that envelope would be filled with hot pink glitter and naked pictures of Johnny Depp or something. You’re crazy to throw a party without this man. He IS the party. He cums sparklers and rainbows….He can make anything fun! He elevates the human experience and radiates generosity & love. I’m privileged to know him. A truly genuine, unique soul.” – Jessica Fechner

Who is this Jessica Fechner and how does she know??

Honestly, I can't tell you shit about what Guncle is, but there are plenty of fabulous quotes on there and it made the whole game worth it.

Try it yourself. I'm off to find the scoop on some more people.

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