Friday, August 5, 2011

Not very fun at all

So Hubby has hauled me to the barn every evening this week and up until yesterday, it's been very beneficial. Tuesday, Bobby was used for a lesson where they worked pretty extensively on trot poles. I rode Red who was more than pleased to be worked again. And by more than pleased, I mean he was responding to cues before I even got done asking them which resulted in the return of his fabulous canter and flying changes left and right. I mostly worked him at the trot, doing lots of lengthening and shortening and leg yields. At the canter, I worked on his departs in both directions. He did walk to canter, trot to canter, and halt to canter each way perfectly each time. Since he was feeling so full of himself, I popped him over each of the three fences once before cooling him out and turning him out--where he proceeded to gallop and buck around for a good five minutes before deciding he was well and truly done working and set down to grazing.

Wednesday, it was pouring all day, but Hubby got on Red to work out any kinks from yesterday and I jumped on Bobby. We only worked for about twenty minutes, but both horses were spot on again. I did only trot work with Bobby since the arena was pretty sloppy, but I got him to really start stretching out and then slowing back in without loosing his forwardness. Once I figure out how to ask what I want of him, he picks it up really fast. It's challenging me to become a better and more attentive rider. Not a bad thing.

hubby finishing on red

bobby waiting for his hay and towel off
Yesterday was not nearly as successful. I was feeling really, really dreadful with a horrible stomachache and my whole body was sore from an intense workout session the day before (you are an evil woman, Jillian Michaels!). But off we went anyway, deciding to go for a liesurely hack on a new trail I'd found a couple of weeks ago. Well, our hack turned into a "I feel like hacking my churning, cramping stomach out of my body so I don't puke all over Bobby's head", and then it turned into a "I'm going to hack open your head, Bobby, to insert a brain in it if you don't stop sightseeing and start paying attention to your feet so we don't go careening down a cliff when you trip on yet another rock you're not paying attention to." So we turned around and cut the ride short. On our way back, we got stalked by a screaming turkey vulture that are rather prevalent around here. I don't know what it was so pissed about, but it followed us the whole time we were out in the open field, screaming its brains out.

We got back to the big field across from the barn where the galloping path is and Red was trying to drift off towards the barn when we were trying to go around one more time to cool them out, and Hubby was trying to get him over but was giving him the wrong cues so he was basically just turning him towards the barn even more. So I tried to give him a crash course in the leg yield which I thought he was just not understanding until I got on Red myself and Hubby got on Bobby, and he got Bobby to leg yield right away. Red was just being a jerk because he wanted to go back to the barn. He leg yielded for me just fine.

It was not a particularly pleasant experience for any part.

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