Friday, August 26, 2011


I mean, really. What else can you do but laugh?

I emailed a neglect report to the PSPCA a few days ago and it looks like they finally had a little chat with BO. Red was outside when I got there with a scrubbed clean and filled with fresh water water bucket; it's usually either empty or filled with grimy hot water. However, I never told BO he could turn Red out, and while I'm glad he was able to eat, his halter was on too tight and his fly mask was still hanging off his door. It was 85 and muggy out today so Red was sweaty from walking around trying to keep the flies off and he really wanted to come in when I got there at 10.

For more pettiness, BO also cleaned off the stall name/description white boards on CL's and CL's friend's stalls. He must have caught on that they're leaving. My fly spray bottle is almost totally empty, even though the last time I used it is was almost completely full. A bottle of my shampoo is also missing, and my tack box looks like it was riffled through though I couldn't find anything missing. Needless to say, I hauled all my shit out of there and put in call to Hidden Hollow to see when the earliest I could get in would be. We're moving Wednesday as soon as Hubby gets off of work. Red will get his toes done at 2, and hopefully we can pull out of there at 4. I cannot waaaait!!!

I skipped the lunging with Red today and hopped right on. We walked around two of the fields with a huuge fancy walk. Apparently Red was ready to show me that he can out-walk any 18 hand Grand Prix dressage horse any day of the week. Maybe he got fed this morning. >insert eye roll here<

I let him loose for the last long stretch of the third and final field and he jumped right into a canter. I let him go along on an long rein. He spooked at a dry patch in the grass, but other than that he was amazing. I even got a spot on flying change when I asked for it. Super star pony is back. I can't wait to move him and get him back to real work.

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