Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vet woes

I had the vet do health certificates for both boys yesterday because he was coming out for two other horses at the barn anyway. BO called me first thing in the morning (Can we just take a moment to digest this?!) to say that Vet would be out and that Jean (who had one of the lame horses) mentioned that I wanted something done, too. So I called up the vet's office and waited on hold for almost ten minutes while the secretary was on the other line with their meds people. No big deal. I know vets are busy, and these guys are one of the few large animal vets around. I told her what I needed, and she said she'd already put me on the list for the vet's visit, but she'd call him and let him no exact details. Then she told me what I'd need for the certificate and said that I could fax it to her or just leave it at the barn for the vet to pick up. Since I have no idea how to use our fax machine, I opted for the latter option and wrote it all out on a sheet of paper and left a check.

This morning when I went to the barn, I looked at my invoice. From the few words I could make out of Vet's handwriting, he did the two certificates...and charged me $55 for something (the number is hovering in a column with nothing beside it), $50 for....I assume one of the certificates (number written next to Bobby's name), and $15 for lab work (WMscribblescribble CVI PAPscribblescribble HC). Which, of course, adds up to a grand total of $120. UGH. I better fucking need these things. I was thinking it would be better to just have them instead of getting there and being sent home, but we'll probably spend less in gas both ways than that. You can bet your bottom that I'm going to ask if I need them for the NY HT before paying that again if I don't need to.

Also, he didn't leave the health certificates!! I've had them done a couple of times in NY for Red and the vet handed it right over to me. So I guess I'll have to call them again and see what the eff the deal is. So annoying. I hate dealing with vets. On to my rides.

I got on Red first while CL's friend and her daughter were out riding their crazy Arab mare. I gave him a pretty brisk w/t/c warmup with some leg yields thrown in, then jumped off to set up the 2'7 vertical. Have I mentioned before that one of the set of standards only goes up to 2'3 and the other only goes to 2'7? It makes for great variance. Right. Hubby, I hear your name being called with power tools in hand!

I waited for the daughter to finish cantering a few circles at one end of the arena, then popped Red over the fence a few times to the left and a few more times to the right. He was fine. Of course. It's not a stone wall after all. Tomorrow, I'm bringing out tarps, hay bales, and any other horse-eating things I can scrounge up at home. You will jump scray things, Red. And you will like it.

I knocked the fence down to a xrail for Bobby. CL's friend was lunging her baby so I gave Bobby a really solid w/t warm up while I was waiting for her to finish. I did canter him a few times around each direction, but it was so disconnected and sloppy it's almost not worth mentioning. His trot work was mostly good though. He's one of those babies that, when the lightbulb goes on, he really just GETS it. But getting the lightbulb to go on is hard, hard work. We did have a few good moments of a teeny bit of collection and our bending is getting better.

I trotted him over the xrail to the left once and he jumped it Ok. Went around at the canter next and he went over....on his forehand, feeling like he was about to fall on his nose when he landed. The next two times he knocked the fence over, but CL was out there and set it back up for us. He just wasn't picking up his feet to jump it. So I brought him back down to the trot and gave him LEGLEGLEG up to it (I also had a ground pole a stride out to it) and he jumped it really nicely and landed on the correct lead at canter each time. I moved him back up to the canter, got him going with big strides, gave him LEGLEGLEG to it again, and he jumped it beautifully. He got a bunch of huge pats and "Good boy!!"s and I left it at that.

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