Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ride times!

Tentative ride times for Plantation went up last night!! I'm riding when it's going to be nice and hot, but it's actually really good timing for our drive. We're not going to have to get up at 3am, and hopefully we won't be getting hope super late either.

Dressage: 11:30, Ring 1
Stadium: 1:36
Cross Country: 1:48

I'm starting to get nervous now that we're getting this much closer. Puuhhl-eaeeze jump the scary jumps, Red!!

Today I only rode for about fifteen minutes. I did two circles each direction of both trot and canter, then went right on to the dressage test. His only mistake test-wise was coming back to the trot too soon after the 20m circle of canter to the left. I made him do three canter circles in a row just to get him to stop anticipating, then moved on. We had to stop halfway through our 20m circle to the right at trot to make sure the Belgians raking the field across from us were not, in fact, going to come charging over and eat us. One can never be too sure of these things. Fortunately, they turned around and trotted very noisily off away from us. He finished the rest of the test well. Actually, the best yet.

I gave him a bath and gave both him and Bobby a huge load of hay since it was disguistingly hot and humid again, and I didn't want them out. When I went in to spray Bobby's legs with fly spray, I noticed a rather large lump on his belly.

He didn't care about me squeezing it and poking it. I think it's just a really nast fly bite. There are some mutant-ass flies down here, and he's a very typical very thin-skinned Thoroughbred that would get spoltchy over a house fly bite.

Only two more days......

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