Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Impatient Acres Hunter Pace

Two days later, here's the Hunter Pace recap from Sunday....

Hubby's parents decided they were going to come out to "watch", no matter how hard we tried to convince them that there would be NOTHING TO SEE. I don't think they grasped the concept of what a HP is at all. We told them we'd be there around 2pm, since that's when the first riders went out, and his mom calls at 12:45 to say they're there. Uhh....what? "Well, we just thought we'd come early to see what's going on and get a feel for it." A feel for what? The parking area? "We knew it didn't start until two, but we figured we'd come out anyway." They live about 25 minutes away from Cohocton in Arkport. "Dad's helping them set up." Really, this is the only way that conversation could have ended. If you knew Hubby's parents, you'd know there was no way they wouldn't be helping out because they were two hours early. We got there right on time at two, checked in, and then I promptly got annoyed with Hubby because I unloaded and groomed both horses while he stood there chatting. Multi-tasking, Hubs! Horses come first, and you're here to ride, not blab!

"alright. enough fucking pictures. let's go!"
I finally get him on the horse and walking over to the tent for them to take our start time and send us off, and I look back and HE'S OFF THE HORSE! Get. It. Together. Easily five--maybe even ten--minutes later, they snap their last picture (I, meanwhile, have wandered off with Bobby and given him a quick warm up) and we head out. Finally.

The first jump was a little intro level log next to a BN sized pile of logs. Bobby launched himself over it from the trot, but I turned him around and let him do it again and he was much more composed and jumped it fine.

There was a really steep hill leading down to the woods where the next jump was and Bobby stopped at the top before spinning around. I turned him back and he stopped and just stood there. "You want to go down that, fine. I can barely balance myself downhill so I'm certainly not hauling your ass down." I jumped off and led him down and we jumped a stone wall from there.

We ended up jumping all the jumps (they only went up to 2'6) with our only issues being one run-out at a 2'6 coop I wasn't riding him very well to the first time, and a run-out at an absolutely terrifying drainage pipe jump that Red didn't want to go over either. We had a luaghable go over four medium sized logs in a line through the woods. Bobby jumped the first fine, and jumped the rest, but it was an all over disorganized line. He was like, "Whoawhoawhoa. I just jumped one! Where are all these others coming from?!"

I also had a scare over two different 2'3 fences with small wood logs as fill. The first was slightly downhill and Bobby jumps downhill anyway, so it was like he just kept going down and down to the point where--had I not yanked his front end up myself--he would have nose dived right into the ground. I don't know how to make him not do that anymore. I think next time we go out I'm going to put him in the elevator. I know, I know. No big bits, just better riding! But I think it's more his style of jumping and the elevator helped Red tremendously when he used to tip onto his forehand when jumping. I obviously won't use it on the flat.

The other scare was over the same type of fence, also in the woods. Hubby went around the jump with Red, Bobby was cantering up the hill to the jump, all four of us were completely disorganized, and we nearly collided. Bobby jumped it really awkwardly trying to avoid Red and still balance himself cantering uphill, I pulled him to the left out of Red's way, and he went careening down a small hill directly to the caution tape blocking the path. He wouldn't stop despite my crazy pulling--I think because he was so unbalanced--and plowed right through the tape. He stopped after that and we retied the tape and rejumped the jump with much more success. Oi.

Bobby got his first taste of jumping up a bank, too. He jumped with zero hestitation, then mid-air was like, "Uhhhh....what now?" So it was awkward, but the second time he did it much better. Yay for Fearless Pony, though! Too dumb to refuse! Red jumped up the bank great the first time. Gee, Red. You threw a pissy fit when I tried to get you to do it last month XC schooling in the water. Dick.

Hubby actually jumped most of the jumps, too. He didn't look pretty doing it, but Red was honest and didn't give him a single problem so getting him a mini-XC school was an added bonus. It was a really good time over all, and I think both ponies got alot out of it. It also makes me feel really confident about taking Bobby to his first event. Bucks Co. Horse Park HT is after this one and they have a 2'3 elementary division. That looks like it will be a good move up for both boys after intro, and (knock on wood) hopefully we can just keep right on rolling to BN after that.

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