Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bobby gets the day's gold star

Another early morning at the barn. Only 80 at 8am! Woo hoo! Coolest mroning yet. There was also a little breeze, so I managed not to die after riding both horses. Truly a miracle.

I threw Red out on pasture while I got Bobby ready, then rode him for about twenty minutes at the walk and trot. He was a superstar. Really responsive and ready to work. He was doing his classic Derby (Timothy Murphy, a wonderfully retarded TB I learned to gallop on at school) pose with his head on sideways a few times, but I gave my inside rein a tug each time he did it and shoved him over with my inside leg and he straightened out. He was also bending at both the walk and trot really, really well. We went over a ground pole a couple of times, then picked up the canter. I only did one full lap of the arena and a 20 meter circle each direction, but he picked up both leads correctly the first time and didn't need much urging to do so. I finished off with a quick hop over the baby x-rail once each direction, then gave him tons of pats and a hose off before he went out.

Red, my once wild stallion, was a total PLUG today. He got his foot wrapped again and I gave him a really quick w/t warmup.

He DID NOT want to go faster than a sloooooooow western pleasure jog when we where supposed to be trotting, and my hand was starting to hurt from using it as my crop, so I jumped off and grabbed the real thing. Well, hellooo Mr. I-guess-I-can-trot-after-all. We did one 20 meter circle to the left at canter, then moved on to the right. He did not want to pick up the right lead and I could feel the depart better yesterday for some reason. He'd go to lift his left shoulder to canter on the left lead and I immediately brought him back down again. I finally got him to pick up his right lead on the rail going straight instead of in the corner. That won't go well for the dressage test, but at least it's a place to start. I only canter him one 20m circle to the right after he got it because  I didn't want to overtax his footsie. Hopefully I can get Bill the Farrier out tomorrow. I hosed him down, too, then rewrapped his foot with turpentine and sent him on his way back outside.

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