Friday, May 6, 2011

Much better Bobby times

Apparently Bobby got over his dick headed-ness. He was an angel yesterday. Didn't make a fuss on the crossties, didn't pretend to be lame, warmed up great. We did an awesome w/t warm up, then did a full circle of the arena and a 20 meter circle each direction at the canter. Picked up both leads first time, wasn't too quick (though his hind end felt a little wonky, like he was cross cantering.). I put the two verticals down to x-rails and trotted him over each one a few times. Again, really good. No crazy leaps, no grabbing the bit and hauling ass at the canter after the fence, and he stopped just fine after. I worked on doing a couple steps of backup twice. He was better the first time since the second time we were all done cooling out and standing at the gate. He is now officially for sale, though I'm not going to go hog wild advertising him until he gets some more weight on him. Here's his ad on

I gave Red a monster of a grooming, and while I was working on his belly, HUGE chunks were coming off. He has a giant bald spot now. I gave his a scrub down bath to try to loosen even more hair, then took him and Bobby out to graze.

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