Monday, May 2, 2011

Day After

I took Red's wraps off first thing this morning after his cold hose and rub down from last night. I turned him and Bobby out in the arena since BO had the two paddocks padlocked again. I understand he wants to grow enough grass for all summer, but horses need turnout--a concept he doesn't seem to understand. Anyway. Both boys did good rolls, and Red was cantering and trotting around quite a bit for the first few minutes, which he doesn't usually do. He was clearly happy to be able to stretch his legs after his long day yesterday. They were out for about an hour while I gave them hay, cleaned my tack from yesterday, and reorganized everything.

Red's dreaded RF had a teeny bit of swelling in it. As I was feeling it up, I noticed a little scrape right by his tendon. It looked really new, so maybe he scraped it while he was running around.

I cold hosed him again for fifteen minutes and spent a long time debating what to do with it. I finally decided to sweat it, since he's gotten tiny cuts like this before and sweating is the only thing that makes the swelling go down. I cleaned off Bobby's wither sores that are already scabbing up really well.

After the boys had been scrubbed clean and taken care of, I tried to make my breastplate work. Either I'm incredibly stupid, or this thing is incredibly large. I would have used it yesterday, but Hubby and I couldn't get it to fit right and we didn't want to spend alot of time messing with it. I finally punched holes waaaay up on the straps that attach to the D-rings on the saddle and did a funky thing with the girth to make it look good.

It actually matches that saddle nicely, but about that....I did alot of research on saddle fit after Bobby's sores appeared and I've been torturing my poor Red Pollard in a way too narrow saddle for the past month. There should be two to three fingers all the way around the front of the saddle, and you can stick one in at the top, none at the side. I feel so completely horrible. Needless to say, that saddle is going. I put my AP saddle on that I orginally bought for him five years ago and it was three fingers on the side and four at the top. A smidgen too wide, but plenty of room for a good pad and a topline to develop. I fitted both on Bobby and same results. Anyone want a narrow tree 17" close contact saddle? Pay for shipping and it's yours.

Speaking of better improving my horses and horsemanship, I'm also going to adjust my SmartPaks and feeding. After doing alot of reading and even more thinking, I'm going to ease myself into the "new school" grain feeding techniques--less is more. No more U-Gard for Bobby. I've used it in two other horses before and saw improvent in two weeks--it's been three months and nothing. So I'm going to get him SmartGain 4 and cut out quite a few pounds of grain--slowly, of course. I'm going to keep him on the B-L Pellets for joints. I'm also going to put Red on SmartTendon, since now I have the eventing fever and want to work him a little more, and he's going to need help to stay sound.

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