Friday, May 27, 2011

I don't know how I'm going to survive the summer....

This heat is already killing me and it's not even June yet! (Although it is less than a week until my birthday. Hint, hint!) Yesterday I waited until 4:30 to head out to the barn in hopes that it would have cooled off some by then. It was still hot and disgusting when I left the house, but I had to swing in to Hubby's work to grab the debit card for gas and the wind had brought the temperature down some. Like, from 90 to 85. I grabbed the card and headed back out, and instantly saw why it had cooled in the ten minutes it took me to get there. Monster thunder clouds along the horizon towards the barn. The kind that look nice and fluffy white, only the entire sky is bruised purple behind them and they're ten millions times bigger than regular nice fluffy white clouds. I headed right back home to bring my doggies in and see if it might just be a passing storm.

Yeah, right. Tornado warnings were back in place by the time I pulled into the driveway and it was nonstop rumbling. They eventually got downgraded in our area to Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, but as a girl who grew up in IL, I know allllll about "Thunderstorm Warnings" that make the sirens go off and you scamper down into the basement. The storm hit Hubby before me while he was out in the truck with the sprayer and he got a picture of golf ball sized hail he was afraid was going to break the windshield. I'll have him send me the photo off his phone. Scarily, he was less than a mile down the road from where I had my horses on pasture board before I moved in January. Yay for having stalls now!

Needless to say, between the hail, lightening, and thunder, I stayed put. Pennsylvania knows how to put on a storm!

Today, I headed out early to try to get some of the cool without the storm, and was much more successful this time. I remeasured out my dressage arena and took Red out. I gave him a fairly quick workout since it was still 80 at 10am and muggy again (the worst kind of hot), then started the test. Once again, we had trouble picking up the canter from trot both ways. He got it the second time (I had my spurs on this time) to the left, but it took three times to the right. He also was sticky on his halt at X. I ran through the test once more with an Ok depart to the left, and two retries to get the canter to the right.

I decided to break down the last three steps: trot circle to R, canter circle to R, halt at X. I figured out what I was doing wrong (don't you love when you can actually FIX things??). I sat a couple of strides of trot before cueing the canter so Red wasn't confused by my posting and asking for the canter lead at the wrong time. He picked it up MUCH better after that. He still makes himself square up before halting completely, but I guess that's better than standing like and idiot at X. Hopefully we won't get any points off for him taking an extra step or two to square himself.

He got a looooong cool out and hose off after that because ginger pony turned black from sweat. I don't blame him. I was disguisting, too. When I got in my car to leave, I was like, "Ugh! What is that smell?! Oh, wait... It's me." LOL. We played the "Spray my face and I'll make sure it gets you too" game for awhile before I put him away with his hay.

I was too hot and tired after Red to do much with Bobby--another reason he really needs to get sold--so I lunged him for awhile at the walk and trot in the arena. He was totally happy to bounce along. His lower lip and big donkey ears were flapping in the breeze, totally relaxed and happy to be doing something easy. I hosed him off, too, and gave him some more hay.

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