Saturday, May 21, 2011

Involuntary Dismount

Finally! For the first time since October 2009, I fell off a horse! Of course, I fell off almost every single day in October trying to break out this literally neurologic Quarter Horse that went over on me multiple times and nearly broke Hubby's arm. But anyway. Back to present day.

I was doing the beding line exercise again and the striding was just not working out from either direction this time, no matter how I tried to approach both fences. I can't even use that as an excuse though. Hubby and I went down to the barn around six because it was turning into a really late day, and since he sometimes gets home at five, I figured I'd invite him along (and put him to work exercising Bobby so his enormously stocked up legs would go down). Red thought this was much too late to work, especially since he had a giant pile of hay just put in front of his face.

I thought I had a good canter going into it, and he took the first vertical okay, but he went too far to the left headed for the second fence. I assumed he was going to jump it since, HELLO, it is only 2'3, but dear old Red thought otherwise and ran out. I did a very slow slide off the right side of him, barely missing the standard, landing right on my butt, flopping onto my back, and bouncing my head hard off the ground. It is here that I say I will never own another crash helmet besides a Charles Owen. They're so cushion-y, I didn't even have a headache. Hubby didn't even see the fall, but amazingly caught the most kick ass picture ever.

No harm done besides a very uncomfortable ride with sand down my ass. We had a couple of knock downs from him being super lazy, and I finally caved and got the whip out. No problems after that!

Bobby was good for Hubby. He rode him in the western saddle and di alot of trotting with him, including going over the trot poles a bunch of times. Hubby got him going in a nice big trot up to them and he stretched out really well. They also did a little cantering to the left. Bobby didn't want to pick up the correct lead a couple of times, but they did get in a couple of good laps. He rode for probably forty five minutes and it took the whole time for his legs to go down to normal size. And of course it's been raining on and off for several days now so the paddocks will probably remain closed for another month. Fuck.

I'm going to clear the jumps and measure out a small dressage arena so I can start working on the dressage test. I'll alternate that with some hacking in the gamelands for awhile so I don't burn out his pea brain on jumping. I'll leave you with some cheese...

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