Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Apparently it doesn't matter if we actually do dressage on Wednesdays, I'm going to blog about it on this day anyway. Maybe if I was more efficient about putting out jumping recaps same-day, I'd pull out of this cycle.

Not that there's anything wrong with dressage on Wednesdays.

And speaking of efficient, Crazy Longe Lady told me I was super efficient yesterday. "You never look like you're going fast, but you're always so efficient with how you move around the barn!" Listen, Crazy Longe Lady, it's called not being a total fucking nut bag. That's my fucking secret. Now get your bat shit crazy self out of the ring while I try to ride my dressage tests.

stealing crazy longe lady's horse's hay. 

Moving on.

On Monday, I knew I wanted start working on cleaning up Bobby's changes during every dressage school. Do I plan on showing Third this year? Bitch, please. However, I'd like to get them smoothed out so they're more acceptable while we're trapped inside doing nothing else particularly exciting this winter, and then much further down the line I won't have to worry about them. Plus it gives me something to do when I'm finding riding around on the flat a little bit boring.

So after warming Bobby up, I took him across the diagonal and asked for the R-L first since he's pretty automatic that direction. Instead, he completely ignored me and continued cantering on the right lead. To be fair, I did keep correcting him after the last time we were counter cantering about switching over.

But to actually break it down, while I knew I needed to get him moving forward, I wasn't getting him forward enough. He got a little frazzled when he failed to get the L-R, so we took a break and schooled the half pass a little bit. We only started learning that last year, and then abandoned it when Bobby got hurt over the summer, so while he technically does it, it's not particularly pretty. Add it to the list of fun things to work on!

look how excited he is to learn stuff!

I interspersed some stretchy trot in with working a little more collected and doing some rein backs before coming back to the canter. This time around, Bobby had way more umph in his step. I still felt like I had to lift him up with my legs and heft his ass over into the R-L change, but he got it cleanly. For the L-R--always his worse direction--he was actually moving even more forward and that change was an absolute breeze. I heaped the praise on him as we took a walk break and snuck him some candy.

Just like in jumping, I have to force myself to be more aware of my pace. Collected work does not mean slow work. He's got to be super engaged and active to nail these movements, and it's on me to manage that. He's more than happy to jog along for me if that's what I want, but he'll also step out if I just ask for it.

Of course, then we went back to the trot afterwards to get some muscle conditioning in on that uphill carriage, and we pretty much just plunked along until Bobby spooked at BM walking into the ring. That woke both of us up and he went back to work with a lot more forward to his trot which naturally made it that much better. We finished with some A+ stretchy trot.

i was admiring how sexy his topline is getting and i thought, "surely this must carry over
to pictures because you are soooo muscly right now!" it didn't. obviously. #bobbyproblems

I was going to make this one long dressage post, but it was getting really long, so I'm going to break it into two parts. MOAR BORING DRESSAGE RECAPS!


  1. Horses - I love how they always manage to look weird in photos. I've spent the last week trying to get a photo to show off how muscular Red is looking right now yet somehow he always looks flabby in pictures.

  2. what do you mean a slow and stagnated trot doesn't count as collected?!? ugh i've been doing it all wrong all along...

  3. Crazy lunge lady stories are truly entertaining haha. LOL to above comment ^^

    And B literall never looks as majestic in photos as he does in real life. #struggle

  4. Long time lurker, I just had to comment because I totally understand the lack of carry over from real life to pictures. My horse is a TB and there are day when I look at him and think, "Man he is looking SEXY!" then a take a picture and and its like *boom* where did all the muscle go? Does the flash scare it away?

  5. My horses just look fatter in pictures. It's like the camera adds 200 pounds or something.

  6. Why does there always have to be a crazy longe lady? Why?!!! There's one lady at the barn that I am pretty sure is determined to get me killed with her psycho horse.

    1. Yeah this. Can't there just be a "crazy lunge lady" barn and they all go there?

    2. Yessssss!! A lunge barn!! I get its needed sometimes but not ALL THE TIME and it isn't needed when others are riding and your horse is going ape shit!

  7. We have a crazy longe lady, but her name is Crazy Question Lady. She'll ask you if your saddle hurts your lady parts, whether or not you get calluses on your butt, and tell you her SOOPER SECRET calming massage technique for geldings. Bonus points if you can keep a straight face during any part of the conversation!

  8. amazing topline development NEVER carries over to pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Seriously always one crazy lady. My crazy lady always trys to coach me its awful


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