Monday, February 1, 2016

Adult Game Night

When I was talking with BM last week, she asked me if I was coming to game night over the weekend. I had no idea what she was talking about, but apparently my barn does a series in the grips of winter (even if it's a pretty lame winter like this one) where everyone gets together and plays a lot of silly games on horseback to shake off the winter doldrums. Obviously I was down to go. If there's one thing Bobby completely rocks the shit out of, it's silly games where he's not required to do anything but run around and hang out with his friends. 

so many snacks.

All the beginners were grouped together and did their games first, and then advanced riders and "grown ups" got started around seven. The kids had done Gambler's Choice last which meant we got to do it first, and it became immediately obvious our group was not the bravest bunch. 

We had an even mix of green horses and trained horses with weenie ass riders. The course for the previous group was all of six inches high, and we unanimously voted we were all okay with leaving it at that height. Then BM marched in and starting raising jumps left and right. Our timer/score keeper was the one that broke her femur in last year's hunter pace, and she told us all we were being ridiculous when we protested, to which BM added, "If K thinks these are jumpable with a titanium plate in her leg, none of you have any excuses!"

The course ended up being a mix of cross rails and tiny, tiny verticals (literally a foot tall) with the joker fence being a massive 2'3" vertical with flowers as fill. BM at least took pity on our sorry asses and told us we didn't have a fence limit, so the most chicken of us could do as many cross rails as we wanted. 

indoor at night means there were all of five pics taken. bobby's lurking in the back
after his run. 
B went first of Rafiki, the greenest of green baby ponies (He's a Morgan, and he is wicked smart and really good at getting out of things he doesn't want to do.), and proceeded to heft his cheeky butt over most of the course including the joker jump. She came back to the line up and told us if they could get over it, every single other person better at least tempt it. 

I was actually in a good mindset when my turn came. I'd trotted all the jumps when they were set for the kids, and I basically spurred Bobby to death to make sure he went over them. He took zero offense and plunked around, so I wasn't feeling like he was going to slam to a stop over anything. 

We set off at a canter, started with a cross rail, and proceeded to whip around all the jumps with zero trepidation. I kept my ass parked in the saddle and stayed way back on approach like BM has been preaching to me, and every time I picked a jump, I spurred Bobby onward probably way more aggressively than needed. To his credit, he didn't give me so much of a tail swish in response. He cantered around with his ears pricked, having a total Bobby blast. Towards the end of our time, I jumped one of the tiny verticals on the short side and made the sharp turn to the joker jump. I rode the shit out of it, and Bobby loped over it calmly with no thoughts of stopping OR rushing. 

We got done and BM was like, "Someone go get this horse some peppermints!! YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD BOY, BOBBY!!"

snacks all the time!

Of course I had candy in my pocket anyway, but he still got extra snacks because he really was the very best pony. AND I WASN'T SCARED!!!!!!


We really did win though. We racked up the most points for our round, and then proceeded to dominate pretty much every single other game. Bobby showed off his gymkhana training and absolutely annihilated everyone else in the games where he had to go fast. Plus everyone was very amused by his farting when he goes fast. Poor Bobby.

We played:
  • Scurry race. Jump two jumps, turn around the bucket, jump the two jumps home. Bobby sat down when he saw the bucket and whipped his ass around it before putting in one stride in the two stride line on the way home. BM told him he wasn't allowed to act like he couldn't lengthen to the jumps for her anymore.
  • Sack race. We did not win this one. My partner on I were both on super fast horses so we probably beat everyone else to the end of the ring, but then I couldn't get my foot into the sack and G fell about two steps into our race home. I managed not to topple onto my ass until we crossed the finish line, but then we both went down in a heap. I probably could have tossed G over my shoulder and run down there myself because she's so teeny tiny, but that sort of defeated the purpose.
  • Flag race. Won it.
  • Relay race. Paired with Rafiki who deigned to canter the whole lap without any detours and won it.
  • Keyhole. Bobby can almost win this against legit rodeo horses. Definitely won it.
  • Barrels. Won it.
  • Musical stalls. Might have won this one had we not decided to bow out. I made it to the final three and arrived in the "stall" in a tie with one of the ponies, but Bobby was getting a little too wound up, so I opted to quit.
  • Egg and spoon. Because it wouldn't be a game night without egg and spoon, right? We barely won this one. I got Bobby to do the slowest western jog he was capable of and kept my egg throughout it which left us with just one other person. BM asked us to canter and the other horse spooked so J lost both her egg and spoon about half a second before I lost my egg. 
We won a pair of winter riding gloves for being the champions, but it was a total blast in itself. BM pointed out, "You know why you all did so well jumping? Because you're all relaxed." As in, hint, hint!

so bad with the pony pictures lately. but puppies are cute at least.

Mostly though, it was a night I definitely needed from my horse. He has so much fun doing stuff like this, and he's perfectly content to zoom around like a (controlled) crazy man before parking it wherever you stuff him between horses and hanging out with reins dropped. It helped that we jumped the jumps without dying!

I apologized to BM for probably undoing the whole month of training she's put on him, and that she was probably going to have to walk jumps for awhile, but Bobby was surprisingly super chill for our dressage ride this morning. We'll see how he does with the jumping later on this week.  


  1. that sounds like a total blast!!


  3. i love games!!!!!! omg so much fun - and yay for clicking into bad-ass-mode again to win everything!

  4. This sounds like so much fun. I want to join your barn.

  5. I love your barn and want to board there. Also, the picture of you tossing your barnmate over your shoulder and carting her home made me snort chai. Ow.

  6. Nice!! That sounds like a blast, that's really cool of your barn owner to put that stuff on!

  7. Game night sounds like it was made for Bobbys! I want to come!

  8. OMG. we are SO doing this at my barn. This sounds like A BLAST! What a great way to add some fun to the doldrums.

    oh, and way to go not dying over jumps and being a total badass!

  9. That sounds like so much fun! I miss having people who actually ride with me on the regular.

  10. What a great idea! Love mixing things up. :-)

  11. This sounds like so much fun!! Yay games! And yay winning everything!

  12. Bobby is the BOMB! Egg and Spoon races are HARD! I did one for Halloween (sidesaddle, hehe!)

  13. I think I'm going to steal this idea for our barn!

  14. So much fun! I wish my barn did this.

  15. What a blast! I'm surprised you didn't do the bareback dollar ride where you have a dollar between your thigh and the last person to keep their dollar gets everyones!

  16. My former trainer would do these types of things all the time! I loved playing Red Light, Green Light! I always chickened out during musical stalls because the horses got WAYYY too amped! We would play this one really cool relay with teams where you'd have to gallop down to a cone, and she'd shout out a page number, then you'd have to rip out the page in a dover catalog and run with your horse in hand back!

  17. I would LOVE to be at a barn that did nights like this! Way to go gambling all the choices.


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