Monday, February 15, 2016


Yesterday afternoon, Hubby and I stopped in to the barn on our way to lunch to get some snow pony pictures. Like everywhere else on the East Coast, it was fucking frigid all weekend with howling winds and several inches of fresh snow, so no real riding was getting done. The horses hadn't been outside in almost a week and were operating on a couple hours of indoor turnout time a day.

a high of 4* on sunday. totes warm. 

I pulled Bobby away from his hay net and debated about whether I should put the neck strap on him and ride him bridleless or just clip a couple lead ropes to his halter. I finally decided to go the lead rope route because the neck strap is short, and I didn't want it interfering with his high neck blanket.

I led him out to the front pasture where he gets turned out and attempted to scramble onto his super tall back from a tree stump. He stood like a rock watching BO's dog frolic around the parking lot as I bounced up and down and eventually hung limply off his side, laughing too hard to make it all the way up. He patiently repositioned himself so Hubby could give my ass a shove and I could gracelessly climb the rest of the way onto him.

he never looks big until you have to heft your giant ass over him from the ground.

nope. still too giant.

We walked out to the front of the field after carefully navigating the frozen mud ruts by the gate, stopped to pose for a few pictures, and then made a lap to see how the footing was. Bobby ignored the cars whizzing past and me constantly adjusting my grip of the weirdly long lead rope in my left hand.

Hubby finally caught up to us, so I sent Bobby off at the canter to get some fun pictures. He stepped off the second I cued him, and I immediately thought to myself, "Hot damn, my horse is so fucking comfortable to canter."

the best way to play in fresh snow

Bareback, sitting on top of two blankets, steering with nothing but a couple of awkward to hold lead ropes, I was able to send my horse wherever I wanted at whatever gait I wanted. It never crossed my mind at any point that my horse might spook, or run off, or not do exactly what I asked.

the lead ropes weren't exactly the best way to go either. i need some clip on reins.

We did a lap of canter each direction before I pulled him up to a halt in front of Hubby, dropped my "reins" and stuffed some candy into his face. He mugged Hubby for cookies, buried his face in the snow a few times, found it in himself to tolerate my head rubs, and then calmly strolled back to the barn while ignoring the giant German Shepherd weaving around his hind legs.

"snacks for me?"

"stop touching me, lady."

This morning I had a great dressage ride. My horse came out light and forward with a brain ready to do work. It wasn't a flawless school, but at no point did Bobby lose his shit when we ran into a problem and I had to troubleshoot the answer.

I left him standing ground tied in the aisle on our way out to his paddock while I cleaned up my tack trunk so I wouldn't have to walk all the way back to the tack room once he was out. He amused himself by digging through the trash can until I was ready to go. An extra horse got added to his turnout, and even though Bobby's never met this horse before, all he did was look over at him before diving into his hay pile.

This is not an easy horse to ride. He's not attractive to look at. He grinds his teeth on the ground when you try to be his friend, and he loves to make demon faces at you unless you're holding food. We're not a match made in heaven, and he's not my heart horse, but this weekend I was able to appreciate the horse I have.


  1. He may not be the love of your life, but he is pretty damn cool.

  2. Yeah see I'd never dream of getting on backback, especially with that turnout schedule. I don't want to die.

    1. Uhhh backback. it's the new black. shut up.

  3. Oh the woes of having to get on bareback with blankets. Something tall is a must regardless of how short your horse is. Yay for Bobby having brains long enough to give you a good ride and not killing you! Can we get three cheers for the temp being higher today? Holy hell it was cold over the weekend!

  4. Good boy Bobby! I'm glad that you had fun riding him.

  5. Picture anytime someone gives me a leg up = you trying to get on Bobby bareback. I lose all coordination!! I'm so glad you are able to have some fun with Bobby in the snow! Sometimes the best rides are the ones where we're not looking for anything!

  6. my horse would murder me if I attempted this! Glad Bobby is so good :) and can the east coast please go back to being nice and mild!?

  7. d'awwww bobby!! yay for having a horse that you can literally do whatever the fuck you want with <3

  8. Those snowy, bareback, leadrope rides are the best for the soul :)

  9. I'm smiling REALLY big rn because I really do love this side of Bobby <3

  10. If I tried this in B I would be dead haha

  11. This is awesome, so glad you guys are working out for now!

  12. I seriously couldn't jump on my horse either. But blankets are comfier than a high OTTB wither!

  13. The smile you're wearing in the first canter photo has a beautiful glow; Bobby against the fresh snow is such pretty contrast.


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