Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Yep, dressage is definitely harder.

Bobby got his first real jump school this morning! It wasn't really real, but it was real for where we are in the rehab/strength building process.

I got to the barn at 8:30 to try to beat the heat. Fortunately, it was cooler, but the humidity was a hundred times worse as we wait for storms to roll in this evening. I warmed Bobby up with a few laps of w/t each direction and then had to take a break to catch my breath. One of the barn girls was waiting for her lesson outside the ring sprawled in a chair in the shade and was like, "I don't know how you're breathing right now. This air is so heavy."

Truth. Bobby didn't seem to have any trouble with it, but we can't all be rocking the super power of good Thoroughbred lungs.

although, before he realized we were jumping, he was sure
sleeping would be a better option than working in this heat.

A few minutes of walking got us rolling again, and after a brief canter where I didn't have to work at all to get Bobby's engine going, and he wasn't falling in on circles--dressage for the win--I took him around to the 2'6" vertical on the diagonal from the left. He sighted in on that fucker and:

"jump ahead!! i get to do the jumping!!"

He actually took it quite politely. It's easiest to just kind of let Bobby take over and move up to the fence on his own because he doesn't really rate once he's locked on. If you do try to take back instead of hold steady or let him loose, he gets supremely offended and throws giant fucking tantrums.

Working with a diva.

We came right around and did the gate which was either 2'6" or 2'9"--nothing taxing by any means--which I even had to give him a little leg through the turn for. We took another walk break, and then I recruited B to video quick before she started tacking up.

Of course once the video was rolling, we chipped in a bit to the first fence, but the second is indicative of how the rest of the ride went. Bobby was pretty much a total gentleman the whole ride. We jumped a total of ten times (I set the limit before I even got on), coming out of the corner for a short approach to the diagonal a few times, and doing the long approach to the gate a few times.

My leg felt solid, I didn't have a problem releasing, and I saw our distances every time.... even the time on video where I saw that we were not going to get a good one. Whoops.

seriously, the boobs on withers habit needs to be broken.

I'm vastly relieved that I felt as good as I did. I was really worried that after how long it's been since we've jumped that we both were going to revert back to square one. After today, it doesn't really feel like we've missed a beat.


  1. Roberto looks very polite in that video!

  2. woo hoo way to jump the jumps bobby!!! i always get super nervous when it's been a while, but you guys look like total pros :D

  3. Yay you're back!! Barn friends ftw.

  4. "Nothing taxing by any means".... oh, one day..... :|

  5. Little known fact: natural magnets in boobs and horse necks.


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