Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Feeties

Look what arrived at my door yesterday!

ooh. ahh.

Finally equipped with a hoof stand again, I went out to the barn to tackle Bobby's feet for reals. And sweat like a dirty whore. This state is the worst. It's all, "Oh? You don't like inches and inches of rain every day? Fine. I'll just make it ten bajillion degrees out instead. Happy?"

No, New York. I'm not happy. You fucking suck.

But anyway, Bobby. I'd been out the previous days to scrape the layer of mud off of him and feed him cookies while he took his three day vaca. Getting his feet done was the last step to going back to work.

the cleanest day. also admire how he can make himself look like he's starving when he's not
being allowed to eat grass. those are fake ribs, you cow.

Without further ado....

The fronts:

The LF is fine. That's my good child. It doesn't ever give me any problems. If all of Bobby's hooves were as kind to me as the LF, I'd be one happy horse bitch. But then there's the RF which has always been a total cluster fuck. Not just for me, but for every farrier that's ever touched Bobby.

At this point, it almost actually looks like it wants to turn into a club foot. I just....don't even know. I don't know what to do with it. If the heel isn't contracted and low, then it looks contracted and too high. If the toe isn't a mile too long, splitting, and flared out, it's looks like this instead.

My last farrier said there's probably something fucked up going on inside structurally, and I'm inclined to agree. However, this is a sound on rocks and gravel horse. He jumps cross country without ever taking a mincing step. He trail rides over anything with a big, swinging stride. I'm loathe to fuck around too much with what his foot wants to naturally do when he isn't lame or even uncomfortable.

Now the bitches:

The most obvious thing that stands out is the big ass honking flares on the outside. Those stay. I've taken them off before and made Bobby very angry. They're ugly as shit, they make me cringe every time I lift his feet, but they're a part of the sound barefoot horse picture. Unfortunately.

Bobby's hind feet drive me as crazy as his entire hind end. It's only fitting that they look a hot mess. He's got loose stifles, mile long pasterns, and is embarrassingly cow hocked. Massive flares and a tendency to adopt the bull nose look fits right in.

I plan on taking off even more toe in the next couple of days. Thanks to said hind end, Bobby has a hard time getting comfortable while I trim these puppies, and I end up working twice as hard to keep him happy while maintaining a good grip and actually being able to take anything off.

I don't think I'll ever be happy with how my horse's feet look in pictures. They're better in person--probably because the flaws are less noticeable--but I just don't think he's ever going to have cookie cutter, picture perfect hooves.

But the hoss is sound. That's most important.

We did end up going back to work this morning. I flatted in my jump saddle for about twenty minutes, most of which was no stirrup work. I want to really focus on pulling my shoulders back and keeping my torso long, and what better way to do that than drop your irons and not have to worry about what your legs are doing? Besides burning and begging for mercy of course.

Tomorrow should be an easy jump school. Hopefully the outdoor is finally dry enough that we can use it for the first time in weeks.


  1. Yayyy!!!! Hoofstands and trimmed feet! compared to how his hind end and feet looked ohhhh 6 years ago or so at you know where, i'd say he looks amazing!

    1. Like at least they're no longer a size 00 and shredded to pieces because he can't keep a shoe on longer than a week? Amen to that!

    2. It's amazing what can happen when horses are properly cared for............

  2. Miles has flat-out ugly feet too. Especially the LF which causes me endless worry and money. Damn Thoroughbred genetics!

  3. i actually really love your hoof posts bc i know jack shit about any of it lol

  4. =) You do such a great job! Yep, gotta leave the flares and if he wants a long heel on that RF then that's what he gets. Doesn't have to be pretty (that's what hoof polish is for lol), just needs to make him sound and happy =D

  5. Feeling it with the flares. When my mares flares come off her hinds suddenly she can't canter, is a grumpy as hell and has to go back on injectable joint supplements. Cow hocks :(

  6. Weird that the wonky structure is mitigated by the wonky hook-look. Neat that you're that in tune with it though!


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