Monday, June 15, 2015

Rolelu Stables Dressage Preview

In which getting to the show involved more adventure than the show itself. Bobby is in the middle of a several day vacation after back to back shows, so I'm breaking the show up to two parts for blog fill. It's just a dressage show. None of you are going to die from anticipation, I promise.

i have no media of my own, so you're stuck with these kind
of low quality pics i paid the show organizer for.

First we have to celebrate that I backed my truck up to the trailer in the exact spot it needed to be in to get hooked up on the very first try with zero adjustment. I got out to see where I was and blew myself away. I will never be able to replicate that feat, but it was an awesome start to the morning.

I met BM outside the barn as she was turning a horse out, and she informed me that Bobby had just thrown the fire extinguisher at her. I was like I would have too LOL, hysterical! Apparently he was pissed that he was still in his stall when his field usually gets turned out first. He screamed his brains out at me when I got into the barn, but once I started wrapping his legs (and had returned the extinguisher back to its rightful place on the wall), he settled down.

distracted horse can still find it in himself to nail his halts

Then I get around to his RF and notice the whole leg is swollen. I couldn't find any heat or any specific point of swelling. I thought he might have just stocked up being in his stall most of yesterday thanks to storms, but it was weird that no other leg had fluid in it.

So I took him out to the arena, put him on a circle both ways, and saw nothing. I didn't want to waste my gas taking a lame horse to a show just to have to turn back around, so I jumped on him bareback in his halter and quickly put him through his paces both ways. Still nothing.

I figured it was going to get wrapped one way or another, and since he wasn't lame, I'd hope the swelling went down by the time we got to the show. Fortunately, that's exactly what happened. I think he might have stepped on himself or knocked his ankle against something as there were a couple of minuscule scrapes in that area, and it just blew up from not moving around. Once the wrap was off it was back to normal, and he never did take an off step.

he actually stretched in the trot for the first time ever in a test!

I finally got us all sorted out, loaded up, and headed off to the show. Only, about half a mile down the second longest stretch of road I have to drive, the road turned to loose stone as they've apparently torn it up to resurface. I wouldn't have been comfortable driving my car on it at the speed limit, and I certainly wasn't going to take my trailer over it. Since creeping along at thirty miles an hour for twenty miles wasn't an option, I turned down a side road and rerouted us through town.

The problem with going through town is of course the never ending stop lights. And a higher risk of running into douche bag drivers--like the cop I almost hit. I was crawling up to a red light in the right lane with one other person in front of me. Apparently Mr Cop just couldn't stand to be in the left lane where there were several cars between him and the stop line, so he angled right over to my lane from a stop.

If I had been coming up to a green light instead of a red and hadn't already been slowed way down, I would have slammed right into the side of him. There was absolutely no room for him to pull in front of me like that. He continued to weave in and out of lanes in a big fucking hurry for whatever reason. Put your fucking lights on if you really need to be somewhere, fuck face.

this is bobby's fuck face circling the ring before the second test.
his "fuck this" face.

We made it to the show with no further incidences, got parked, unloaded, yada yada just fine. Likewise I didn't have any problems heading home until I was only two miles from the barn whereupon I ran into an epic bike marathon for Diabetes awareness.

And almost hit a biker.

Like, holy shit, I almost killed you, asshole.

Also, I fucking hate bikers.

I came cruising up to the top of hill doing fifty five, and as soon as I crested, there was a fucking biker huffing and puffing his little old heart out in the middle of my lane. When there is a wide shoulder, get your fucking ass on it, bikers.

I laid on my horn while simultaneously holding onto my emergency trailer brake button (that thing is the biggest boss feature ever--it's seriously so cool) so as not to blow out my truck brakes and/or send us jack knifing trying to not hit this fucker. By some miracle he moved over enough while I slowed down enough and got over to the middle of road, and the oncoming traffic was able to emergency reroute to their shoulder that no one died.

But holy fuck I almost peed myself.

I seriously hate bikers.

My dressage test summaries are going to be a total snooze after near-accidental manslaughter.


  1. HOLY SHIT. This is why I am still terrified to haul my trailer on the highway.

  2. Forget cross country, driving a horse trailer with assholes on the road can seriously be the most terrifying experience ever.

  3. Holy crap! I hate bikers too. They like to ride next to eachother rather than in single file. If I found out I onyl had 24 hours to live my first order of business would be installing a plow on my car...then I would smush some bikers out of my way. I'm still excited to the dressage recap! :)

  4. If i had the whole road to myself hauling would be cake. i had like 60 assholes cut me off yesterday. I had 2 horses in the back. I CAN'T JUST STOP!

  5. Bikers are the worst. What is their problem?

  6. OMG. This is like my worst nightmare and why I sometimes feel like maybe I never want to own my own trailer and haul myself.

  7. Ok, I laughed. I'm sorry. In hindsight it's funny? I may also have a sick sense of humor... or maybe I'm just really really thankful that wasn't me. Glad everyone lived!

  8. How people don't understand not to jump in front of trailers of ANY kind (but horse trailers have precious cargo and should have extra attention paid) is beyond me. It's fucking Physics!

  9. I hate bikers. The road my barn is on has seen several fatal bike accidents in the last few years and yet bikers continue to bike along it. And they bike in packs and take up the whole lane. I saw a dad biking with 2 small boys last week and he was glaring at a car passing him and I was like, will glaring save their lives? No. Don't take small kids on bikes on a road with no bike lane where several bikers have died. This is not smart parenting.

  10. ugh that sounds like the worst trailer hauling experience ever... i HATE the way ppl drive around trailers. like seriously. tho, one of the most glorious feelings is hauling an empty trailer and just pushing those asshole drivers out of the way bc hey, fuck you guy my rig will crush your tiny car any day of the week....

  11. Terrible driving experience aside, you guys look pretty bad ass so it was all worth it!

  12. Good lord, I'll be glad for some uneventful dressage after that! Why do cops have to be the biggest assholes on the road??

  13. Yikes!!!

    But bobby throwing the fire extinguisher is hilarious!

  14. Sheesh! Asshole cop drivers, road construction, and suicidal bikers! What a trailering nightmare!!


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