Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just Hit Post

So much for my triumphant return to blogging!

This move has not been easy in any aspect.


The house we're renting is an absolute dump, and we're paying twice as much to live in it than we were in our bigger and way better house in PA. After being here for...three? four? weeks, we finally bought our own fucking stove off of craigslist since the one in the house doesn't work and was leaking gas, but the landlord couldn't be bothered fixing it. Hubby's dad and brother came up and installed our "new" electric one this afternoon, so at least we can eat real food again.

On top of all the overwhelming stress and anxiety, on Monday morning I had to go in to put Stripes to sleep. After being on IV fluids for four days, her blood tests showed zero improvement, she was developing ulcers in her mouth from the kidney failure, she was having trouble breathing, and they were having to use lasix every time they needed her to pee.


We still have no idea what brought on the kidney failure. She was a perfectly healthy young cat when we moved. After a couple days of living here, she got up on the bed with Hubby and I and peed on the blanket. I thought she might have a UTI so I planned on calling the vet the next morning to get her in. When I checked on her that morning, she was laying in a pool of blood under the bed from some sort of mass (later believed to be an ulcer) in her mouth.

I was able to get her right in, but it didn't do any good. We looked everywhere for something she could have gotten into, but found absolutely nothing.

the best, most tolerant cat in the world. she put up with puppy
antics without any complaints.

That pretty much knocked the wind right out of my  fucking sails as they say. I went to the barn afterwards since I had been in the middle of setting jumps when I got the call. After a completely shitty jump school on Friday after I forgot my regular jump tack at home where it'd been cleaned and had to use back up everything which resulted in a rude, runaway asshole, Bobby gave me the best ride Monday.

His canter was forward and bouncy, and we coasted over a course of 3'3" verticals without a single misstep. I quit after maybe fifteen minutes and we went on a trail ride to finish. Bobby spooked at a duck blasting out of the pond we were walking beside, and since his spook involves taking one step sideways, he tripped over his own feet and then spooked at himself tripping.

Oh, Bobby. You being spooky makes me giggle.

"i dunnot believe it. i am the most majestic creature in the world."

We've put in two dressage schools since then in preparation for our first show of the season Saturday. He's pretty sticky to the right warming up, but after a good canter (and his canter is seriously on point now that his giant fucking lug head has deigned to focus on me instead of horses in turnout) he gets trucking pretty well.

I feel like we're in good shape heading into this weekend. He'll get one more jump school, and then--way more exciting--he'll get a bath and his first overnight sleep in his Hello Kitty sleezy. My shit flip phone finally got upgraded to an iPhone, so I should have better quality pictures when I'm alone from here on out. Obviously there will be lots of Hello Kitty pictures.

why so worried, robert?
"are there no more carrots? why are there no more carrots in your hand?!"

I'll try to start pumping out posts again. If nothing else, I've got a few costumes that I haven't shared on the blog yet, a really cool custom tack trunk I want to show off, and breaking hunter princess news.


  1. Now... breaking hunter princess news sounds very exciting.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Stripes. That fucking blows.

    Also sorry to hear about the rent situation - I can empathize though, living in the SF Bay area. I had a 1700 square foot home on 30 acres in Michigan and now I live in a 650 square foot home for roughly 4.5x the cost.

    Can't wait to hear about your jump show though! You & Bobby will be killer out there

  2. So sorry to hear about Stripes. :(

  3. So, so sorry about your kitty :(

  4. Ugh that's just the perfect shit-storm of loss and a douchebag landlord. :( All the hugs for you. Go kick some ass this weekend!

  5. So sorry about your kitty! What a crappy situation between that and the house. I can't wait to hear about your first show of the season though - good luck!!

  6. So sorry about the kitty :(

  7. So sorry about Stripes, I lost my cat to kidney failure in 08 and know just how bad that feels. Even worse that you don't know what brought it on :( I hope the show goes really well to help distract you from all of the crappery that is going on around you!

  8. So sorry to hear about Stripes:( Bobby is the king of Derp and that's all that remains!

  9. Oh my goodness, thinking about you and Stripes<3 hang in there. Those photos of Bobby with his ears basically out to the side crack me up. herpa derp

  10. Very sorry about Stripes. :( Fucking sudden mystery cat sickness. I'm glad that she told you she wasn't feeling well, as so many don't or the owners don't pick up on it.

    Welcome to iPhoneland. Now get on Instagram. :)

  11. So sorry to hear about Stripes. :-(

  12. I vote yes to instagram.

    I vote no to New York in general. Sounds like bad juju all around.

  13. So sorry to hear about Stripes. :(

  14. so sorry about Stripes! kidney failure in cats pretty much blows... i lost my guy to it but it took over a year and the last few months were pure misery. the mouth problems and iv fluids and and and... just so sorry for you :(

    glad that Bobby is doing so well tho and hope you all dominate the new turf at the upcoming show!!!

  15. I am so sorry to hear about Stripers - losing a pet sucks, especially one so young. Many, many hugs.

    Good luck this weekend, and I promise I'll get your stock tie and stuff in the mail soon! I haven't forgotten, really!

  16. So sorry about kitty. Sending hugs.

  17. Crap. That's awful. I'm so sorry about kitty, and the stove, and the crappy landlord. Have a beer or seven. Also nice work on the nice 3'3" course and can't wait for the Hello Kitty pics!

  18. So sorry to hear about Stripes. :(

  19. So sorry about your cat.. that's so awful and unexpected. RIP Stripes.

  20. RIP Stripes.

    so sorry to hear.

  21. Sorry about Stripes :( That is very sad and unexpected.


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