Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Don't Do Drugs

I am allergic to Spring.

Blooming flowers and budding trees make me cry. Literally. My eyes get so swollen they start leaking. Fresh cut grass? Fuck everyone that mows their lawn.

go ahead and graze, bobby.
i'll just curl up in a little ball beside you and slowly die.

I try to stay away from drugs because even the ones that say they're non-drowsy wipe me out. But while walking my dogs along the canal the other day, I was brutally attacked by something that I hope was eaten later on. It stung the inside of my ear causing it to swell to Elephant Man proportions, leak pus, and burn and itch horribly.

Flesh eating flying demon? Probably.

The day after I finally caved and popped a Benadryl. I stayed home all morning waiting for it to hit me, but aside from being a little woozy, I wasn't beset by my usual coma status. So I went to the barn for a flat ride.

with candy in hand, bobby has completely given up his walking away game

I've kind of let Bobby's feet get away from me since I don't have a hoof stand of my own (waiting for the birthday money to start rolling in!), and trimming feet without one seriously blows. They were looking so ratchet yesterday that I was determined to make them fabulous again or die trying.

I think I almost died trying.

I got done with his fronts (and they do look fabulous now), straightened my legs to stand up, and promptly sat the fuck down. Unintentionally. That Benadryl came in like a fucking wrecking ball, let me tell you. I put the hinds off for another day (they're now looking fabulous again, too) and got Bobby tacked up. How hard is a w/t/c ride anyway, right?

It felt like posting the trot was the most epic thing I've done in my entire life.

I got twenty minutes in with significantly more sitting trot and canter than I'd planned on because my thighs were quivering so badly. I'm very thankful I'd finally moved my knee blocks back on my dressage saddle over the weekend or I probably would have tipped forward and fallen off, but not even known it because I would have been sleeping. Drugged out weakling for the win. I went home and passed out on the couch for the next three hours.

The good news is that my ear feels much better today!

ricky and bobby. shake and bake.

There's been no give on the allergy side of things unfortunately. I'm walking around not really sure where my legs are and feeling like my head weighs a million pounds but is also floating somewhere above me. With the first horse trials of the season next weekend though, I've got to keep chugging along.

I started to set up Allison's latest jumping exercise, but after dropping six poles in a diamond shape, pulling out any more poles and all those standards was a monumental task I wasn't up to. So I left one line as ground rails, and made the other line an X and a 3' vertical. There's never a bad time for ground poles!

We did the most half-assed warm up ever before beginning to figure eight through the exercise. Bobby loped through the three strides over the jumps, but then went full on Rambo over the ground poles. We did three or four passes from each direction before calling it quits. There was nothing to fix over the actual jumps, and I wasn't going to fight him over galloping and leaping the poles.

this face for ground poles.

I'm going to give him tomorrow off in an attempt to let my legs rest. They just feel so tired. Getting around a five minute cross country course in two point sounds completely impossible right now. I should, however, have my broken clipper part by then so I can finish clipping him!

because that is not a good look

The rocker block in my German made clippers finally wore enough that it sheared in half while I was clipping Monday. It's a minuscule part, but it's what makes the blade go back and forth making it pretty vital for use. I went on an hour long internet search trying to find a replacement in the US (there were plenty overseas!) before finally stumbling across a store in MD that sold them. Hallelujah!

something is not right with these things...


  1. Summer clipping? How much hair you have, Bobby.

    1. He is the WORST about regrowing a coat after his supposed final body clip in March. And he gets so hot so easily and sweats so much so easily that he's got to get clipped in the summer now, too.

  2. I hate allergies. Hate them. I am sorry you feel like a giant water bed trying to live life. Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

  3. ugh those allergies sound like the actual worst thing ever. super excited for your first HT of the season tho!

  4. I have sucky alegies too... Not cool.

  5. Try zyrtec or Allegra, less ass kockomg than benadryl. Bitnifnyou don't drink enough water you can get pretty lightheaded (like me). But hey floaty head feeling is fun with jumping right?

    1. Yeah my hubby is a big fan of the generic Zyrtec - he gets pretty bad asthma with his allergies so keeping him breathing is kind of important...

  6. Maybe this is a weird question, but have you studied body placement of yourself and of Bobby for trimming feet? At 5 foot nothing and the fact that the only shape I am is round, I thought I would need a hoof stand. But my horse has arthritis and those don't mix well. My mentor trimmer is also a martial arts instructor and has helped me find the best position for myself and my horse that I can trim without a hoof stand no problem! Whew!

  7. I use an old umbrella stand with old socks bunched up and duct taped to the top for cushion. bit heavy but it works great and twister can't flip it when I do his back feet like he can the light plastic stands (he is an asshat). maybe you could get one at the dolla store or a yard sale??

  8. Agreed. Hate allergies! I avoid places with trees at all costs!


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