Tuesday, April 7, 2015

TOABH: 18 on the 18th

Coming up with 18 likable things about Bobby is going to be tough, and I know I won't do as good of a job as Beka did, but I have to at least try in order to honor the handsomest big bay Thoroughbred on his 18 birthday!

In honor of Archie's 18th birthday, tell me 18 things you love about your horse.

1. He's tolerant.

2. He has personality out the wazoo. (Blogger, you recognize "wazoo" as a word and not "oxer"? Really?)


3. His ears are so large they would probably aid in flight if that was an option.

4.  He trusts me enough to at least attempt to do anything I ask him.

5. He's the fastest horse in the whole world...according to him.

6. He has gravel crunching, rock hard feeties that can go anywhere without trouble, mostly thanks to him not going lame as I learned to trim him myself.

7. He's besties with everyone and everything he meets, even if someone else doesn't like him, which isn't rare as he can be seriously obnoxious about asserting his friendliness.

8. He keeps himself clean while turned out.

9. No spook.

10. He'll trail ride through anything by himself or with other horses.

11. Big jumps look small from the back of a big horse.

giant horse is giant.

12. His trailer loading skillz are flawless.

13. His love for junk food and soft drinks.

14. How quickly he picks things up.

his intelligence really shines through

15. How he changes colors literally every month.

16. He'll get to the other side of the jump no matter how badly you screw up.

working it.

17. Despite less than ideal conformation, he's a seriously fancy mover.

18. His snoring is a barn favorite party trick.


  1. aww love his 'snackz' face!

  2. I love those giant Bobby ears!

  3. Such a fancy dude! Oh Bobby, lend me your feets...

  4. Bob is a lovable dude :)

  5. =) 18 reasons we all love reading about Bobby

  6. I knew this would be easy for you! Bobby is amazing. :) He really does have so much effing personality.


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