Thursday, April 30, 2015

El Establo

Don't mind me, just wowing you with my lingual skills. Nevermind that establo means "stall" and not "barn". You get the point. You're all suitably wowed at my one Spanish word, am I right?

Totally right.

I thought I'd do a post on Bobby's new digs. Nothing too exciting is going on at the moment--that's what happens when your horse actually keeps his brain in his fucking head for more than one ride in a row (lolz, just cursed myself), or you're just feeling too damn lazy to do anything but wander around on trails and enjoy the gorgeous weather that's finally rolled in.

SO! The barn.

returning from a trail ride. from the left: indoor, stalls, more stalls with tack room/hay loft above.
the horse with the big stripe is bobby's bff ricky. 

I contacted a couple of places that I found online when we got the news that Hubby was being transferred. Out of those, only one got back to me, and it ended up being the one I was leaning most heavily towards anyway.

The basic specs are these:

  • 100X200 outdoor with sand footing
  • 70X120 indoor with rubber/sand mix footing
  • 2 outdoor wash racks with access to hot water
  • Heated bathroom
  • 12 stalls
  • Group or individual turnout
  • Two looping miles of trails onsite, with access to twelve miles of trails at their smaller barn in the next town over
  • No extra cost for blanket changes, fly masks, etc.
The arenas are immaculately maintained. They get dragged every morning, and I've yet to see a poof of dust rise up in either one. There are about 8-10 sets of jump standards that vary from 3' to 4' tall, which is a little weird to jump since we school 3' on a regular basis, and that obviously puts the pole on top of the standard. 

hello, beautfiul.

the outdoor from the indoor.

The paddocks are...okay. I don't think most of you would even blink at them since the group fields are pretty large, but you really can't beat the size and quality of our last barn's fields. The field Bobby's in is currently split in half to let grass grow on the other side for summer, and grazing is supplemented with a giant hay feeder.

The hay quality is amazing and consistent. The BO's in-laws make it themselves, and it is seriously gorgeous stuff. I actually felt confident dropping the amount of grain Bobby was getting a bit because I think this hay will fill that void just fine.

The only snafu was that for the first week, I'm not sure if Bobby even knew what the fuck the hay feeder was. I'd bring him in to his stall to tack up, and he'd inhale every last scrap of hay he could find like he wasn't getting anything to eat during the day. I thought for sure the paint pony in his paddock wasn't letting him eat, so one day I shooed the pony away and physically stuffed Bobby's head into the hay.

The very next day, I arrived to find Bobby and the pony sharing hay side by side with no issues. I don't think I've pulled up since then and not found my horse with his face in food.

"who cares about friends? look at all this food i have!"

Sometimes he has the dumb and cannot horse properly.

I need someone to come out and show me the trails on property. I don't want to accidentally wander onto someone's land that I'm not supposed to be on. We've mostly just been walking in circles anyway since everything is still super wet. 

"are we going in the water? because i'll sing right now."

Bobby's stall is something like 10X12 which is smaller than the 12X14 he was in while in PA, but still plenty big enough for my giant pony to get a good nap. All the stalls are open on the top half, and he's enjoyed hanging his head out and mugging for treats when he's inside. 

Overall, I'm satisfied with the place. The BO told me today that there might be two eventers coming in, and I really hope that's the case. These weird scheduled cross country schooling days are in the middle of the week, so I can't go unless I have someone to go with. Someone come be my eventing friend!

In other news, positive vibes would be appreciated for my tiny Striper cat. She's currently on an IV for massive kidney failure that literally came out of nowhere. Fingers crossed she pulls through!

stripes soaking up the sun


  1. Oh no - poor kitty! I hope everything turns out for the best.

    Not a bad barn! The hay does look amazing.

  2. I'm glad that the new barn is everything you've wanted it to be :)

    And hugs - thinking of your kitty!

  3. The barn looks pretty awesome. Hope your kitty is ok.

  4. Glad the new barn is working out. Sorry about the kitty, my friends young cat just suffered the me thing (but is recooping).

    I want to come and make sand angels in that footing.

    Hugs to your kitty!

  6. The new digs look nice. Hoping you'll feel better about the move once everything dries out. Jingles for stripey kitten!!

  7. sorry about Stripes - that really sucks :(

    the barn looks lovely tho (that indoor!) and sounds super relaxed and like the take good care of the horses. love that diy hay feeder too!

  8. Poor kitty, I hope she pulls through! The new place looks amazing. Sounds like it agrees with Bobby too!

  9. Those arenas look amazing! Hope your kitty is feeling better soon.

  10. {{{{{{healing vibes}}}}}} for Stripes! Lovely barn, looks like a fun place to ride!

  11. Looks pretty nice and seems like Bobby is enjoying it! I'd totally be your eventing buddy...If I lived there :/

    Hope your kitty gets well soon!

  12. That is one nice looking barn. I hope you find some eventing friends in NY. Hope Stripes gets better soon, having one in kidney failure is not fun.

  13. Fingers crossed for kitty! But that barn doesn't look half bad - in love with the footing *swoon*

  14. Looks like pretty nice digs... & from reading your last post as well, it sounds like you're starting to turn, and settle in to the new digs. Also, Bobby is looking fly as hell over their jumps!

  15. Poor kitty :( That barn looks very nice, though.

  16. I'm so glad Bobby likes his new digs! He looks super cute in that last pic.

    And fingers crossed for kitty face

  17. Awh kitty :( Fingers crossed!

    The barn looks super nice. :)

  18. Extra good thoughts for sick kitty!!

  19. Love the new barn, it looks like a really nice place. I hope that Stripers gets better!

  20. Love the indoor, and it seems like a really nice place! Hope your kitty is all better ASAP!

  21. Looks like you found a nice spot for Bobby to eat and nap and ride and pose for pictures! Good thoughts for Stripes

  22. sending hugs from Sky and tiger for your kitty. The barns look great. How is the move for the humans going?


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