Monday, March 9, 2015

Double Digits

Bobby Magee turns the big one-oh today! This is the first time since I've been working with OTTB Magee that I feel like he's actually retained everything from the year(s) before, and we're progressing with every ride.

Not starting back at square one when show season rolls around? What is this sorcery?!

So maybe hitting double digits has finally encouraged Bobby to grow the fuck up a little bit. Maybe.

We celebrated with a brief w/t/c in the indoor, a jump over the world's tiniest vertical left over from the previous rider, and a short trail ride. Obviously he got a dozen homemade cookies and a couple carrots straight up, plus he probably mooched about ten cookies apiece off of everyone that walked into the barn. Horse people totally give in to the "But it's my birthday!!" face.

obviously he wore his birthday boy ribbon for the whole ride.

But I have more exciting news than that. I was at the barn first thing Friday morning so Bobby could be poked and all that jazz, went grocery shopping and horse show re-supply shopping, and then came home just in time to meet my UPS man who was delivering my new saddle along with its free leathers and irons. Yayyy! (A shout out to Adams Horse Supplies for their incredible customer service and super fast shipping. I actually wasn't expecting to see it until sometime this week.)

no more slipping saddle pads!

It's another Tekna which excites probably none of you, but it's what I can afford. More importantly than that, just like my Tekna dressage saddle, it fits Bobby perfectly. However, it took me a few days to get used to it.

The flap isn't long enough for me which is what it is. Save me the preaching that saddle fit is just as important for the rider as it is for the horse; if you want to purchase me a new saddle, feel free! The movable blocks were really annoying, and the first ride I couldn't get my leg where I wanted it for the life of me. Over the jump I was able to plant it, but up to and after it was free wheeling. BM suggested just ripping the blocks out altogether which was an instant fix. My leg felt miles better.

BO gave me a five minute mini jumping lesson while she waited for her normal lesson kids to make their way down to the ring, and we had Bobby downright levitating over a simple 2'6" vertical. He is soooo much happier in a saddle that fits this well. Such magic. Who would have ever guessed?

Bobby had the day off Saturday to recover from vaccinations (I asked BM if his neck looked swollen, and she was like, "No, Carly. That's his topline." I was all, "....what did you say?! My horse has a topline??? YAY!"), so I rode this appaloosa pony mare instead:


Cookie embodies all that is an Appaloosa....and a mare....and a pony. We spent half of the riding bucking, and the other half doing whatever she pleased. Sarah had to yell at me to stop giggling or I was going to fall off. She was so much fun it was a little ridiculous. I'm not sure how well I actually schooled her for BO, but who cares. I'll "school her" any day of the week.

Sunday Bobby got a super quick jump school that was amazing. His jumping style over fences is improved one hundred percent. I didn't think the saddle fit on my HDR was that bad, and he never got sore from it, but it was obviously really limiting him. New video is definitely needed.

It was also finally warm enough that I let him get turned out naked for awhile. So sick of blankets and blanket changes and blanket rubs and blankets that never seem to dry one hundred percent because it's always fucking damp outside and constantly having to repair blanket rips because fuck you, blankets. Basically just sick of cold weather.

"hullo. i am the best at awkward posing."

Be on the lookout this week for Bobby's latest photo shoot: RuPaul. Friends on facebook have already seen them, but they're pretty fucking fierce.

this used to be my excess horse crap trunk at home. now it's collecting costume pieces.


  1. Happy bday Bobby! The new saddle looks awesome. I'm excited for this next photoshoot also.... :D

  2. Damn, that is a well-fitting saddle! Nice work! Happy birthday to Bobby!

  3. First off, happy birthday Bobby! Second off, it's a luxury to have a fancy saddle that fits you and your horse. I don't have that luxury right now, so I'm like you. My saddle fits my horse great and me not so great. I will make do until I have more money, because my horse's fit is more important!

  4. 10 is the year I noticed Yankers finally retaining information too. Must be a magical year for OTTBs.

    Happy b-day Bobby Mageeeeeeeee

  5. Happy birthday Bobby!! Doesn't that weird waxy stuff they put on new saddles bug the crap out of you? It's so strange. But hooray for better jumping from the pony!

  6. That saddle looks beautiful!

    Congratulations to Bobby for being a big, adult birthday boy. :)

  7. Happy Birthday Bobby! And congrats on the new saddle!!

  8. Bobby looks positively dapper in his ribbon - I vote he wear it to ever event!

  9. Yay for a new saddle & happy birthday Bobby!
    My saddle fits my horse better than me, to my mind their comfort is more important than mine
    I CANNOT wait for RuPaul Bobby

  10. happy bday Bobby!!! congrats on the new saddle too - seems like he really loves it!!!

    also - i also cannot wait for RuPaul costume pics!!!! lol

  11. Happy birthday pony pants! I think the saddle looks great. Never mind if it isn't "fancy".

  12. Happy birthday Bobby!! :) Red has a birthday coming up in May and your photos with him all dressed up give me inspiration. I think we need a birthday boy ribbon too ;)

  13. What a great birthday gift for both of you! Glad it fits him and is working for you.

    Also, the pony? BWAHAHAHA!

  14. Dude - the best saddle out there is the one that fits your horse and you and w/ the blocks removed, sounds like you've got a winner!! SO happy for you. And cannot wait for RuBobby's fashion show.

  15. Yay new saddle and more yay costumes!!

  16. Happy Bday Bobby!!! Congrats on the new saddle!

  17. Happy Birthday Bobby!!!
    Had to laugh because an Appy named Cookie I know just turned 29 yesterday. Must be a popular name for Appies.

  18. I like the saddle! I'm queen of cheap ass saddles. If it fits Twister and I'm comfy, who cares what the brand is. Although someday I WILL own a Devacoux......

  19. Happy Birthday Bobby!

    As for saddles, I will take fit on my horse over fit for me any day!


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