Friday, August 22, 2014

Got it in!

No, you pervs. I mean I got a blog entry in before the weekend. I don't like blogging on the weekend, so yay procrastination thwarted! Never you mind that I haven't written a post pretty much all week. Too cray. What the fuck have I even been up to?

Like, nothing. I've just been having super anxiety over "real life things". You know, things that have nothing to do with ponies. Who knew that was even a thing, right? Couple that with the fact that my 'B' key is sticking which is a serious problem when your horse's name has three b's in it, and you write a horse blog.

"Oy" is right, fucking keyboard.

that's my horse, oy. he sort of looks like a mule.

I made a schedule at the beginning of the week though and stuck to it.

Monday dressage school.
Tuesday conditioning ride with one jump on an uphill incline.
Wednesday dressage.
Thursday jump school.
Friday dressage.

Pretty uneventful. The dressage rides were brief and mostly done in long and low. I'd pick up my contact just enough to run through this weekend's dressage test. Today's dressage ride we walked pretty much the entire time, working on the free walk to medium walk transition without Bobby coming above the bit.

sleepy horse works soooo hard.

For Thursday's jump school I finally got my bending line set up. Just as we headed out of the barn it started to shower. The longer we rode the harder it rained. We soldiered through though and got done what I wanted.

After my ride today, I tagged along with BO and two of her students to the barn where I was going to take a dressage private until my funds had to be reallocated to Bobby's chiro appointment. It was a fun time, and the trainer said she's going to try to come up once a month including during the winter, so hopefully I can get a chance to ride with her later on this year.

gratuitous barn dog picture. basset hounds everywhere! awwwww.

I really want to do Niamh's unofficial before and after blog hop, but that will have to wait until next week. Show time this Sunday!


  1. Good ol' Oy handled the bending line like no big deal. Good luck this weekend!

  2. Awww bassets are one of my favorites.

    Good luck and have fun at the show :)

  3. Good luck on Sunday with Oy!

  4. GO OY!! I love your helmet cam videos except that they make me miss jumping!

  5. Laughed out loud at you 'oy' issues. Good luck at the show!

  6. if he's a mule he's the cutest mule.


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