Monday, August 18, 2014

Continued soundness success

Yes, yes, I know. You all know my horse is now sound again, but I'm still riding that happy train. It's going to take awhile to get old. Kind of like every time I take the trailer somewhere by myself, I get a little giddy inside that I'm a grown up trailering horse girl. Hubby indulges me, but I don't think he's really as impressed as he pretends to be. Or maybe he's just impressed I didn't kill anyone.

'sup ladies. 

Speaking of poor old Hubby, this weekend I dragged him out to the barn to play photographer for what I had planned on being a super structured jump school. I wanted to do a bounce, a one stride, and a steep bending line to work on Bobby being elusive things like "calm" and "adjustable". That got slightly derailed when I went up to the outdoor and another girl was hacking a pony around. Her mom had set up two lines of jumps on the long sides of the arena, but I asked if I could go ahead and set up a bounce in the middle.

We both warmed up on the flat, and when I was done cantering, and she'd been walking for awhile, I went to go stand by Hubby at the mounting block to give her room to start jumping. When she just kept walking, I called out my jump and went through the bounce a few times. (By the way, these videos aren't going to be in any sort of order, and if Blogger royally fucked the quality of them, oh well. I'm not spending the time uploading them to youtube.)

Bobby went through it the first time beautifully, but the second time he was like, "JUUUUUUMMMMPPPPP AHEADDDDDD!!!" which just does not work well for a bounce. Amazingly he somehow made it through without bringing the whole thing down. The next time through I took a firmer hold and we made it through without issue.

I took another walk break to see if M wanted to start jumping since she was the one that set up the other jumps, but she ended up leaving the arena. Um, okay. Honestly I'm not even sure she was supposed to be jumping since she was just hacking a lesson horse that's currently pretty clueless about all things english, and maybe she was thinking she'd just pop her over a few things while she was up there alone. But I was a little annoyed because I could have set up my bending line if I knew she wasn't going to use the jumps her mom set up.

coming out of bobby's daring leap in.

Instead we made do. One of the outside lines was a one stride, so we worked through that next. Only just as we turned in, BO and S joined us in the arena. I managed to work around them for the one stride because they were talking in the corner for a few minutes before getting started.

The first time through the one stride, Bobby decided on his own volition that a long spot was the way to go. I'm really trying to ingrain in him that a long spot is never the way to go jumping into a combination, but Bobby does what Bobby wants. I find it helps when I just pull on him instead of sitting deep and sitting up. Ha. Yeah....

But in the end I got through to him, and he was quite polite about the whole business.

Instead of the bending line I wanted to do, I stuck with the other outside line. BO was wandering all over the arena talking to Hubby and S, and S--while being exceptionally aware of where the other horses were, which is why I love riding with her--somehow seemed to keep being right where I wanted to be through no fault of her own. I figured a bending line had too much going on, so through the straight line we went.

The first time we came through, Bobby took it in a beautiful four strides. The second time he went flying through and took it in two and a half. He compromised after that and it rode nicely in a forward three.

We finished by going through the bounce a few more times. The jumps were tiny (hence the lack of pictures--little jumps make for boring and awkwardly timed photos) which was exactly what I wanted for the first stadium school back. I probably won't even jump him the 3' we'll be showing before this weekend. We're both totally comfortable at that height so it's not an issue.

giant horse makes my giant legs look short.

He got a brief dressage school this morning which he was pretty much perfection for. I finally felt like I had my fancy old dressage pony back. I'm not sure what the schedule will be for the rest of the week. Definitely another jump school for some course work, and if the weather isn't too bad then probably a work in the cross country field to get a little reminder for both of us for cantering over terrain.

And finally, I think Bobby was brutally mauled by a bear this weekend. He escaped unscathed, but his fly mask did not:

what in the literal fuck happened?

That's why you always have spares of everything.

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  1. that mask! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. I think he's trying to tell you he wants the fly mask with the eyeballs and eyelashes drawn on them. You know, to go with his tiara.

    1. YES. Now that he's wearing his spare, he obviously needs another one in case that one goes...

  3. Dude, be happy to be on the soundness train. Ride the train forever! :)

  4. Oh Mr. Bobby, it's not a contest to see how many strides you can leave out! LOL!

  5. Yay for soundness and hilarious about the 'bear' attack!

  6. ooooo yay a contest! But really, you guys look great, under control Bobby looks like fun!

  7. I love how calm and cool your are no matter how he takes the jump. I need to learn to just ride it and not think about what I did wrong until AFTER the line. And the mask? Oh boys.

  8. Like, what did he do to that fly mask? Is Bobby a werehorse that turns into a wolf at night?

  9. Totally a bear. Bobby must have fought it off. Good thing only the fly mask was damaged!

  10. Wow, that fly mask.

    Sound horses are something to be thankful for everyday. =-)

  11. yay for sound horses (and horses that come back to you after leaving out nearly two strides lol). that bounce looks fun!

  12. Yay for soundness! Also, sweet work on the mask there Bobby.

  13. Hooray Bobby-O! Looks like that boy loves to jump. And you know, be sound and all. And apparently wants to grab some of my fly gear collection...


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