Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hot Mess Express

Yesterday started off with an appointment at the vet to get the Kelpie poked, told she was too fat, and confirm that she has Lyme disease. Poor old Tubs.

alright, maybe she is a little chunky.

In the spirit of giving away my money, I hooked the trailer up and prepared to pull out of the driveway in the pouring rain to retrieve Bobby for his chiro appointment. Then I noticed that my trailer lights weren't working. Well what the fuck. I messed with them for a few minutes, getting increasingly soaked and increasingly pissed, before going back in the truck and angrily yanking on the lights in there. Tah dah! I just hadn't pulled the switch out enough. Dip shit.

At the barn, I ran a brush over Bobby to get the shavings off him and his back dropped nearly a foot. At Chiro's barn, her preliminary once-over caused his entire back end to drop to almost a sit when she got to his right stifle.

She did acupuncture first and needled the shit out of him. Usually she does five or six, yesterday she must have put at least fifteen in him. He needed the typical minor adjustments to his poll and neck, but aside from his lower back and every bone in his hind end (that might be a slight exaggeration), Chiro said he looks the best she's ever seen him.

with his new bestie skye.

Talking during the adjustment, this is what we came up with: Bobby probably strained or even got a minor tear in the muscles surrounding his stifle. She thinks the chances of this originating farther back than when I went on vacation is high, and it probably started with all the barrel work we were doing. Because he's naturally weak in his hind end, the excessive sitting that's needed to turn barrels was not good for him at all. He might have been an idiot out in the paddock while I was gone, and that tweaked an already sore and weak area to really cause him pain.

So the bad news is that Bobby's professional barrel racing career is over.

Ha ha, dang!

Her advice was to continue riding him, and to not be afraid to give him a little Bute if he feels sore. The morning after? BM said he looked a lot more comfortable coming in, and when I dug my fingers into his back along his spine, he showed absolutely zero discomfort.

Also, in what may be just a weird coincidence, he cleaned up his hay for the first time in weeks. At Chiro's, she asked if he'd been having problems stretching his neck down. Maybe he hadn't been eating his hay as well as usual because he was too sore over his back from compensating for the hind end that it hurt to hold a stretch and eat off the ground?

obviously luscious grass is worth stretching down for.

Under saddle, I'd say he felt ninety percent sound and after having two days off in a row, I'd feeling pretty good about that. It was cleared we haven't had a real dressage school in ages, but overall he felt a lot freer over his back. I'll continue with flat schools until he feels completely sound, and hopefully we'll be able to jump by early next week. I know not everyone believes in the chiro magic, but I am a huge fan of Bobby's chiro. I've seen way too much improvement each time she works on him to rule her out.


  1. Your chiro sounds legit! I like it. :) Hind end/back issues are so hard. I promise, any griping you want to do I completely understand - you would be preaching to the choir over here. Glad he is feeling a lot better and y'all have a good action plan. <3 Bobby

  2. Sounds like a good plan! Apollo will be needing some chiro-love this month too I think.

  3. Love chiro work. I always see improvements with it :)

  4. Glad the chiro helped Bobby :)

  5. Yeah your chiro sounds legit. So glad he's feeling better!

  6. I know the chiro/accu work we have had done with Ashke has made a huge difference in him. He LOVES his chiro vet.

  7. Aw, no more barrel racing. So sad.

    1. I know. He sucked at it anyway. She said he could still do poles though since it's a straight line. At least I still have some sort of gaming horse.

  8. aww poor Kelp :( But great news for Bobbys recovery!

  9. Sounds like you've got a good Chiro and those can be hard to find!

  10. I love a good Chiro for myself and my horses! Glad he seems put back together:) Kelpie is so cute!


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