Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some Random Title

I think there's something wrong with the fact that everyone is becoming so blase about these fucking "polar vortexes". Or as I like to call them, "Fuck you, winter is never ending shit storms". I was at the barn early this morning and after an excellent trimming tutorial from BM (fascinating updated hoof pictures will come tomorrow), I started undressing Bobby and getting him tacked up.

this horse. he is so...not attractive.

BM was finishing with the barn and was musing out loud whether she wanted to fill the afternoon horses water buckets or wait until later to keep them from potentially freezing.

Me: It doesn't even feel cold outside today.

BM: No, it doesn't. Check the temperature for me.

Me: It's just over twenty.

BM: Oh, then I'll definitely fill them!

Since when is twenty degrees considered warm?! It should NEVER be considered warm!

ninety degrees and playing in the creek is warm

Bobby was fresh to death on the longe. He was leaping around at the canter and tossing his head every time I said anything to him. It wasn't a naughty fresh, just a naked horse in the cold fresh--he never even pulled the line taut.

I set out a wide, tall cross rail with a barrel between the poles for a remedial jumping exercise. Because of my lower leg being a swinging mcswingerson, I finally tried the age-old "glove under the calf" exercise to try to keep it in place. I kept the stupid things under there, but my leg still felt like it wasn't super secure. Hmph.

Bobby was a rocket cantering right so we kept the few jumping efforts that way to a trot. However, his canter to the left was AMAZE BALLS. I even changed the cross rail to a vertical with the barrel under it (using the other barrels as standards because they're so much lighter and easier to tote around the arena), and he kept the same fabulous canter over 3'6". I don't know what ju ju got into him, but I hope it stays.

And I hope it invades his right lead canter, too.

i forgot to include this video from two weekends ago.
he was way better today. 


  1. It's 77º.

    Just saying.

    (If I could emoji an evil smirk, I would.)

    1. ╭∩╮

      How about that one? It might look like a penis, but it's actually a middle finger.

    2. If those are the penises you are used to....

      It actually looks more like an old lady nipple.

    3. Ew. I like the visual of a tiny penis better.

  2. haha yes same here :) but hoping we get rain all weekend!

  3. When it got up to 50 last week I thought I was going to die of heat stroke. So terribly sad!

  4. It's sad but true 20 degrees does seem warm now. :(

  5. Your dirty emoticons are cracking me up!

  6. Bobby is usually very attractive in my eyes but that first pic... yeah, not his best look :)

  7. It was 35 here on Sunday. I debated running in shorts. Wtf?

  8. Haha @ comments & emojis!
    Winter does crazy things to our brains and what we consider warm...so does visiting/living in diff countries condition us to diff values for warm.
    When I lived in Ireland sun + 19C = awesome summer day in string top & shorts. In Lux @ 19C I'd be doing well to remove my sweater!


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