Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bobby: King of the mountain, mountain, mountain....

Did anyone get the Out Cold reference? Anyone at all?


Have some Bobby in the snow picture spam:

he angles towards this snow bank every time we walk by it,
so i finally let him explore.
he got halfway in and started digging himself a giant hole.
it was very serious work.
and then he stuck his entire face in the hole and pawed snow all over himself.

And from Monday, a video of him eating iced dumped out of frozen buckets. You know, because he's never given any food or water, and he must scavenge for himself what little nourishment he can.


  1. Haha! Have to love the random things a horse finds entertaining :)

  2. Bobby Magee is so strange... but that's probably why I love him!

  3. What a funny guy!

  4. Bobby knows how to bring the lolz for sure!

  5. Did I ever tell you about the time I invented snowboarding? Ya I don't want credit for it but they keep on giving it to me...

  6. LOL! The head covered in snow: priceless.Looking at these pics it made me wonder if you had ever tried a dr cooks bitless bridle? Lots more finesse then a hack (prettier too) Just a thought :)

  7. I did not get the ref but I love that pic of his head covered in snow!

  8. Hahaha ♥ Bobby's adventures!

  9. Did you know that I invented snowboarding? I don't like to take the credit for it though...

    haha LOVE that movie.

  10. Haha! Love that movie! Watched it FAR too many times....

  11. What a goof head! Love the snowy face picture--it reminds me of a bison in a nature video.

    I figure Bobby won't be offended...

  12. I love that you let him explore and play. And you know what they say...the water is always tastier...when frozen and dumped out in the snow?


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