Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trail Ride!

Today was the perfect day for a much needed trail ride. Only five more days of turkey season and then we can go out whenever we want!

I met Sarah at the barn and loudly announced, "I am so high right now." Then I rounded the corner and saw two impressionable tweens with startled looks on their faces and I quickly assured them it was because of Benadryl. I took some helmet cam of our trail ride, but I'm not sharing a single second of it because I'm breathing like a heifer--a heifer that just ran twenty miles in 100* weather. Allergies are a bitch.

killer views, gorgeous weather.

Even though I couldn't really tell where my feet were, I got Bobby all tacked up and we headed out. For not being on a trail ride in nearly a month, he was pretty good. A little jigging and a little sideways drift, but seeing as I was riding on the buckle with one hand, he could have been a lot worse.

We made our usual across the road loop which including me going down the monster hill for the third time ever. Holla! Floating out of my head from antihistamines has its advantages, I'll tell you. Since it was so beautiful out, neither one of us wanted to head back so instead we trekked down to Fishing Creek.

probably the shallowest we went.

Bobby took one look at the water and plowed right in. Round river rocks that make horrendous footing? Who cares! Bobbys love the water! He did not want to get out of the water, but Memphis didn't want to get in, so I finally convinced him to go retrieve his trail partner. Memph stuck his front toes in and then spent about five minutes creeping the rest of the way in.

"welcome, friends. give me head rubs so we can swim."

As long as he was right next to Bobby, Memphis was okay, but he definitely needed to employ the buddy system. Unfortunately for poor Memph, Bobby really wanted to go exploring the rest of the way down the creek and kept splashing further and further downstream on his own volition, getting deeper and deeper. Memphis would slowly follow with a worried look on his face until he caught up to Bobby, and then he'd nip him in the face to show his displeasure to his dumb friend.

"this isn't a good idea, bobby."
"lolz, whut? this is awesome!"

Bobby wasn't offended. Bobby was all, "Yayyy!! Swimming hole!" At which point--when the pawing and splashing got a little too zealous and I thought he might take the wading up to his belly to the next level--I turned him around to go home. He wouldn't move! He did not want to get out of the water. He was having way too much fun. I finally got him to go forward, and then he tried to make a detour into the "rapids" instead of exiting the creek. He finally agreed to get back onto the bank and we headed home.

Hopefully the day off and a good trail ride put Robert back in good spirits and he'll work with me through a jump school tomorrow.


  1. Bobby and Echo must have something in common - we had a heavy rain the other day, and Echo decided that standing in the big mud puddle in the pasture is the best thing EVAR. Everyone else tippy-toed around it, but Echo splashed and pawed and snorted. Silly boys!

  2. how cute, its nice to have a horse that likes water, and what a good friend to lead Memphis ;)

  3. Allergies are a bitch. Given the choice between having all my toes chopped off or allergies the rest of my life, i'd chop the toes.

    Glad to see Bobby enjoying the water. After 15 years of water loving, my horse has now decided that all water is now devils pee, and it mustn't be touched. Maybe he can come up here and give us some lessons.

  4. HAHA! Horses that love water are the best! I love that last picture- Memphis looks SO worried.

  5. Bobby wants a kiddy pool in his stall!!! :)

  6. I love that last photo of the boys! Send Bobby to me, I love a good splish-splash in deep water. You can take Jingle for the day.. swear at him just like I would.

  7. I hate allergies :-(.
    Love the pics. It looks like an amazing place to ride!!!

  8. Hah.. I probably shouldn't admit this, but I think I'm a much better rider after a beer or two. Much more relaxed! Maybe I should try some benadryl. :)

  9. allergies SUCCCCk. I am missing trail riding, need to go SOON! Love a swimming Bobby :)


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