Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Have you guys ever had one of those mornings where you wake up, look in the mirror, and find yourself gasping, "Holy shit! The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and it's started with me!" That would have been me this morning to the point where I put on makeup just to go to the barn. I was that terrifying. Pig Dog felt that she had to outdo me and found something obviously dead and truly foul to roll in and came trotting up the driveway as I went down to check the mail covered in road kill slime.

be glad you can't smell her.
 I stuck her stinky ass on her chain because there was no way she was hanging out inside where she has free access to the furniture while I'm gone. When I got back, she got an ice cold bath from the hose and she's now cavorting about the yard with a relieved-to-be-dry and normal smelling Darcy. (cough, cough. It may have something to do with the fact that Darcy is my dog and she's a perfect little angel puppy and Pig is Hubby's dog.)

fortunately pig dogs love getting wet.
On to Pony Pants.

He was far less enthused to head down to the indoor than he was yesterday, but yesterday's weather was grey and chilly and today is sunny and warm. I would have much rather spent it on trails as I'm sure he would have, but turkey hunters put the kibosh on that.

Because he was a bit more push-along today, he was also easier to get into work mode. He resigns himself to his fate pretty quickly when he's not feeling high as a kite. We had kind of a stop-and-go warm up as a new boarder trailered her horse in as we were doing trot work. Bobby finds trailers rather distasteful/spaz worthy (though he does self load without issue) and I gave him a timeout to sit in the middle of the ring and gawp for a few minutes. Once the horse went by, the trailer got parked, and the dump truck returned, he was ready to refocus.

His canter work was a little tense and quick, but a few laps in half seat steadied him and we moved on to lateral work. Bobby's lateral work disappeared for several weeks. He didn't want to step under himself in leg yields and didn't want to move his shoulders for a shoulder-in. His hips and/or back could have been a little sore, but whatever the reason, he's been pretty good the past couple of times. His shoulder-in was still a little sticky, but he was really fab for leg yields today.

crossing the booty.
We finished again with trot lengthenings, something I'm currently only doing along the long side of the arena instead of the diagonal. I don't want him thinking diagonal = lengthening until we've firmly moved up to Training.

I'm not going to lie, I'm really happy with them--especially seeing as how we didn't really start working on them until two weeks ago and we spent all last week jumping instead of dressage-ing. He's not just jetting ahead into a fast trot, and while he's no toe flicking Totilas, my giant, bumbling OTTB does not usually stride out like this:

I told you guys he's one smart cookie.

although he doesn't usually look like one....


  1. Don't be so cruel to the Bobster, he looks smart to me :)

  2. You just wait till you are old like me and look in the mirror first thing in the A.M. :)

    Bobby's lengthenings are looking so good!

  3. Ok. So at first I didn't see that you had edited the video and was all "how in the hell did they get to that side of the arena so quick! are they wizards?!" Then I re watched it now.

    1. His lengthenings on the side you can't see are clearly twice as long. ;)

  4. He looks great! Giving Totilas a run for his money :)

    1. Yes, only opposed to Rolkur, we prefer the llama method of training.

  5. Go bobby! He looks great!! It's crazy to look back where you started (same for myself haha!) and where you are now!

    Also love that you and Bobby have such a great history!

    1. I know it! It must be that Carly/Karley power!

  6. My internet says 'no' to your video. But the stills look fancy!
    Very nice butt crossing too.
    Dare I say it.... he looks handsome in that last photo!

  7. OTTB's kick ass at lengthenings, although I may be biased. Plus, if they started striding out like Totilas, i'd be worried. Just think how odd that would look out in a field, a horse just piaffing in a pasture.


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