Thursday, May 16, 2013

The canter, the canter, the canter.

Not to sound like an ungrateful whore, but I really fucking hate hot weather.

buttercup head says, "ughhh, me too!"
It was "only" eighty today and I know it's going to get hotter, but I am already over this weather. Sorry winter haters. I'll put on my layers and trot around for hours without breaking a sweat any day. Of course, I could also do without the snow, ice, and rain, but at least it's not black-out inducing heat.

Bobby got tacked up in his dressage bridle and jump saddle to play a fun game in the outdoor called "Regulatorssss!!" No, it was actually called "Let's adjust the canter."

Skye and Dollar were turned out in the fence around the round pen for extra weeding/grazing privileges, so we also incorporated the game "Pay the fuck attention before I beat your ass in my heat stroke-like haze." I actually was excited about this, since we now all know that nothing turns Bobby into an ornery douche like distractions! He warmed up well at the walk and trot. I made him work every single step which was just as much of a challenge for my A.D.D. brain as his. We circled every few steps and were constantly changing direction. "Frame"/dressage-wise, it probably wasn't the prettiest, but he was striding out and not a complete giraffe, so we'll consider it a small win.

Then the canter. We kicked it off to the right and continued to make circles everywhere, this time focusing on keeping his shoulder UP and varying the speed. It was difficult in that I was being a shoddy rider about adding more leg when taking more of a hold on him when I wanted him to add more bounce to his canter and he was taking advantage and breaking to a trot. However, he was very adjustable between going fast and coming back to a normal canter. Small win!

We were politely kicked out of the outdoor by J who wanted to drag the ring, so we finished in the indoor going left. I made him go down the quarterlines which involved going straight--which really involved going all over the place. I had lost my momentum at that point and made him aimlessly trot around for awhile. He'd get fast and my mind would be all, "Half halt" while my body was like, "Meh."

So we went for a hack around the pastures.

A nice breeze had picked up and Bobby was content to wander all over the field for nearly twenty minutes before we headed back. Stupid turkey hunters. I want my trails back!

He got a good hose down and then I made him pose for a conformation update.

he thought it was exhausting work, and didn't want to participate.
His head is almost as long as his neck, and his neck is nearly as long as his back, but he is looking fit and amazingly barely ribby at all.

not winning any beauty awards.
Massage tomorrow (which I will do a post about!) and Saturday off.


  1. Small wins can be the best wins! And I agree, I love the sun, but sometimes it just gets too hot! Living in New England is great, best of both worlds... Or maybe worst of both worlds. I can wear a sweatshirt in the AM then tank top and shorts during a bath at noon and then back to a sweatshirt in the PM.

  2. It sucks riding in hot weather!! Bobby looks really good :-)

  3. I love how Bobby has many faces :) It does suck riding in hot, it's way worse than cold. I mean, maybe equally as sucky. Windy cold days make me want to cry. Hot, wet, buggy days make me want to cry. It's like 3-4 months of awesome riding weather year round. WAH.

  4. only 80 lol :) I wish it would stay 75 all the time :)


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