Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wild Ride.

Sunday is going to be our weekly trail riding day. Mostly because it's the only day we're allowed to ride out during hunting season, but also because I can hitch a free ride from Hubby who drops me off while he checks his traps the next town over.

that's right. that is a opossum in a christmas hat.
hubby is one cool kid. or something.
BO went out with me this time which was awesome because as much as I love trail riding, it's always more fun the more people you take along with you. Especially when the other person is mounted on an equally batty horse.

bo's horse tyler.
They were both pretty good trotting up the first hill, and then we came up the path to the galloping hill and we had a race on our hands. BO was trying to be polite and wait for both of us to get organized, but Tyler was like "We're going to ruuuuun!" and Bobby obviously knows what this hill is all about. I may or may not have gone rogue on us and kicked Bobby into a flat out run without warning. The poor guy's gotta win a race once in awhile! Even with the jump on Tyler, we finished right next to each other. Oh, Robert. Worst racehorse ever. Beaten by a 17yo. slightly crippled Paint. And let us not forget how many times we've been beaten by 21yo. Blackberry.

Tyler was quite insulted Bobby got away from him, so we walked most of the rest of the ride to tell the boys to get over themselves. Neither was happy with that, and we spent almost as much time bouncing up and down and trotting in place than we did walking. Brats.

We had one more canter before heading down a steep hill that Bobby had a lot of problems with this Spring (when he was having problems with everything). Today, he strolled right down it on a loose rein. Both boys seemed to chill out heading home, until we got to the very last path.

Bobby's brain finally broke and his crazies, which he very much internalizes trying to be a good pony, exploded. He started flying backwards until I whalloped him with my legs and let out a growl. BO was like, "What's wrong? What did he do?" Oh, nothing. He just likes to go backwards when he doesn't get his way. He finally got tired of getting kicked in the ribs, so he decided that if I wanted to continue up the path, he'd do that--by spinning around and hopping backwards. Um, no. BO let Tyler run so they could get some forward motion, and I kicked Bobby into a canter, having to beat him forward every step so he didn't get stuck in place.

We schooled a little bit in the indoor so the ponies didn't feel like they had won. He really needs to get his bratty booty out there more than once a week, but that's not going to happen until the spring. I said I wanted him to act more like a nutty Thoroughbred, didn't I?


  1. wow sounds like you had an interesting time during that trail ride. I love that you managed to get him to go and then kept working him after!

  2. See, when I first saw that picture, my first thought was "Oh my god, an opossum in a santa hat!" but then the rational side kicked in and I thought that there couldn't possibly be an opossum wearing a santa hat, so it must instead be a dog. Glad to know rationality didn't win out after all ;)

    Oh, and I laughed when you described Bobby's meltdown as backing up at warpspeed. It just seems so in line with his personality!
    Its kind of like "I don't like whats going on right here, so I'm going to rewind back to a place where I was happier." *insert angry human* "What, you don't want to rewind? Okay, what if we go back like this. Happy now? Geeze you humans are so hard to please!"
    Though chances are, my interpretation is way off base.

    1. LOL! I LOVE that interpretation. No one ever said there were brains between those giant ears!

  3. Is that thing dead or alive?? LOL

    1. LOL, it's alive. He lets them go when he catches them. It probably died of humiliation later though.

    2. LOL died of humiliation later!

  4. Sounds like super fun :)
    btw - the opossum is so cute!

  5. This makes me miss trail rides with my mares BFF. They fed off each other as the ride went on into we were in a dead race. And there were sections that I knew we should walk but we let them run like idiots. I miss having trails!!


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