Friday, December 14, 2012

2013 Goals

Competition Goals:

1. Complete a Training CT. I don't have any real drive to compete at Training by the end of the year, but I do want to start taking steps towards getting there at some point in 2014. There should be one at BCHP in July or August where we can also school xcountry afterwards. We'll need to be schooling a triple line of fences (a Training level staple) and a triple bar (always on the Training course at BCHP).

2. Get a medal of any color for Novice. I debated about even making this a written goal. In the end, I won't be slayed if we don't cross it off. It is going to be tricky, and it's going to take a lot of forethought to get there only because of the requirement that it has to be at 3 different venues. I can only afford one days right now, and until August-ish, I can only do Sundays because Hubby works Saturdays during planting season. The medal requirements are:
    • Bronze Medal - Must finish on a score of 45 or less three times - scores must be obtained at two different venues
    • Silver Medal - Must finish on a score of 40 or less three times - scores must be obtained at three different venues
    • Gold Medal - Must finish on a score of 35 or less three times - scores must be obtained at three different venues
3. Show First Level. Obviously a schooling show. I have no desire to spend extra money for recognized dressage shows. I like doing one a year to get feedback, but I'd rather spend my money on events. We're going to need to work on trot and canter lengthenings (which we started in October-ish), solidifying the trot leg yields, and strengthen his counter canter (he can only do it correctly for about half the arena currently).

Personal/ Schooling Goals:

I want to be a more confident, serene sort of rider in general. I'm so easily flustered when something goes wrong that I just throw up my hands and quit riding. I want to be able to go around a stadium course positively, thinking ahead to the next jump, riding forward, knowing my lines, being an active rider. More than likely, it will probably be more like this.

I want to be confident and thoughtful on xcountry, thinking more about how to ride each jump and what's coming up ahead instead of worrying about the ways things could go wrong. I've never been a nervous rider when showing, but landing on my head really rattled me. The fall broke my balls, I guess. Hopefully this will be pretty easy to cross off the list.

Needless to say, way loftier goals than last year. We are going BIG in 2013, bitches! 2012 was about sorting out the basics, dealing with the baby temper tantrums, and seeing what was going to come easily to us and what we were going to have to really work on. However, I think Bobby's going to really be able to step up this year. Last year was a good learning and exploring experience for me, and now I know how to manage Mr Magee to make him happy and full of himself. Most of the time.

I'm going to have to sit down with Hubby after making a potential schedule so we both know well ahead of time where we're going when. No more missing Jim Wofford clinics because he decided he couldn't get out of work the weekend before. We're also going to try to set out money for the entire season before the season even starts. Here are the shows, here's how much they cost, here's how much gas is going to cost, here's cash to be put away and drawn upon on opening day.

Overall, I feel confident while still feeling challenged. I think this is going to be one kick ass season.



  1. Man I need to make some goals... love yours! :)

  2. Those sound like some great goals - good luck!

  3. Our goals sound pretty on par, except I always set one 'maybe' type lofty goal. Something that's just pushing it a bit.... so rather than a training CT I'd like to do a training 3 day. A girl can dream, right?

  4. Good luck!! Goals make me nervous, but it's almost time to think about those. :)

  5. I love your goals! Good luck and i am sure that you will manage them I look forward to hearing how it does

  6. Great goals. I am doing the same with the showing funds. Saving now so I don't have to stress about the finances in the summer. Bring on 2013!

  7. Awesome goals! I can't wait to continue reading as you achieve them :)

  8. Considering where you are at now I don't think these are lofy goals at all!! You are almost there already.


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