Tuesday, December 4, 2012


First, some good news. My friend's pony Plato got to go home yesterday! He's been under care for a sand impaction colic for nearly a full month. Go, Plato!

Sunday was mid-sixties weather. No big! Hubby found the clippers and we bought new blades for them. Sprayed some WD-40 on them and greased them up with the last of my Oster oil. Pulled Bobby out, switched clippers on, put the blades to his yak coat, and....


Gah! BO was nice enough to look at them really quickly. She tightened the tension a bit, but that did nothing. She said I'd probably just have to soak them a day in oil. I hate clippers. I don't hate clipping, but I hate clippers. I was so pissed at them, I decided to forgoe clipping until Hubby came back and go out on a trail ride.

"there iz monsters EVERYWHERE!"
When was the last time Bobby's been out on the trails? Mm, no clue. Before our last show which was at the end of October; at least a month. He. Was. Wired.

He gave the hairy eye ball to some trees that had been cut down and pushed off to the side of the trail that hadn't been there the last time we were out. He gave the hairy eye ball and a few sideways steps over the "bridge" that covers the culvert pipes (it's really just leveled out ground). And then! Then!! We saw it. A log that used to be over the path. Bobby has jumped this log. Bobby has walked past this log after it got cut down and moved aside. But today it was going to kill him.

We had a solid five minute fight about getting past it. Wheeling around, running backwards, and snorting before I finally gave him a serious Pony Club kick and he cantered by it, scooting sideways towards the woods. Only what was right ahead of us? ANOTHER LOG! Ahhhh!!!!

Once we cantered by that, scooting sideways the other direction, I made him trot on. We trotted 95% of the ride. Every time we tried to come back to the walk, he found something to have a mega spook about.

Trotting seemed to take care of most of the issues, but we did have one moment where he tried to break into a gallop down one of the paths that I usually let him run down. I pulled him back so his front end stopped, but the back end didn't and he tripped over his own feet and fell right on his nose. That, of course, was cause for a scoot, buck, and another attempt at galloping forward. Two thrumbs up for my trusty, foot perfect event horse. Or not.

We spooked at pretty much everything, trotting or not, on our way back. Bobby's spooks are pretty lame, but he was putting in some effort Sunday. We finally made it back to the driveway soaking wet.

Needless to say, it was awesome! I love working with Thoroughbreds and all the silliness that entails. Bobby finally showed some OTTB crazies, and I loved every minute of it.

so sweaty...
and thinking about spooking at tyler and simon.
I threw his cooler on and played with Sunny and Sue who were posing with a Santa hat. Of course Bobby and I had to get in on that.

Bobby's so used to people playing with his giant donkey ears, he had no issues with me slinging the hat over his head--especially not when there were cookies on hand.

He was dry enough in some spots to clip, so once again, I borrowed a pair of BO's blades and started the abuse. Bobby's such a chill dude on the ground. He stood like a statue the whole time. He couldn't see what I was up to, of course, otherwise he would have been trying to run. Dirty, sweaty horse? Not a good idea for clipping! He has track marks up the wahzoo, but we're not going anywhere so I don't really care. Give it some time and he'll look lovely. Maybe.

I uncovered some gross skin funk on his shoulders, so I gave him a Microtek bath afterwards. That, my friends, is how you clip completely bass-ackwards.


  1. Such great news about your friends pony!

    I don't think you would have enjoyed the Piney trail riding experience. He would plod along not not batting an eye at anything. The quarter horses we'd ride with would have total meltdowns over the smallest things and Piney would be like "whateves. You guys ever been shoved in a starting gate with a bunch of firebreathing thoroughbreds yeah...didn't think so. Move it along pal, this ain't crap." :-)

  2. That's some great news about Plato. Bobby looks cute in that Santa Hat.

  3. Love this post! some great news about plato really happy. Bobby looks cute in the Santa Hat I love the pictures :)

  4. Haha!! I had that same ride yesterday. Cuna was WILD and lost his mind over all kinds of dumb stuff we see all the time. Highlight: nearly backing into a moving vehicle on pavement to escape (wait for it) a GARBAGE CAN!!!!

    Haha. Such goofuses.

  5. yay good news about your friends horse!! :)

    Oh man I love the Christmas themed pictures of Bobby! Love how you can persuade with food :)

    Woo hoo for clipping!

  6. I love TBs. They can be so level headed when you are doign something they think is fun then be nut heads two seconds later. I had to trot my TB mare everywhere like you did with bobby. She would spook so bad her side would almost hit the ground. They start trotting her or put jumps in front of her and she was fine. "I will jump that log, but don't ask me to walk past it"


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