Monday, November 7, 2011

Still here.

The past week has been pony-less with the exception of Saturday when Hubby and I made a trip out to the barn to stuff Red with cookies and finish off our cross country jumps.

Red is clearly enjoying his time off as I had to drag him quite forcefully to the barn to groom the eight inches of mud off of him and snuggle him into his sheet.

spyder was in for a lesson so i had to stand in as the licking post.
Hubby was on a MAN craze this weekend (MAN craze being defined as doing MANly things in a minimum amount of clothing. It was barely 50 degrees out and windy and Hubby was in a cut off shirt. Really, Hubby?) so we took the hounds up to the cross country field to build what we could with the remaining logs.

pig dog was not pumped about riding in the back of the truck.

unlike her crazy sister.

agility dogs take to cross country!

pig shows off her top-class tuck as darcy takes a long spot.
 We ended up with a small oxer (2'7 in front, 3' in back), two seriously large logs stacked on each other (2'7) heading downhill, and a trakhener (3') in the making. We have the perfect poles at home to shore-up a ditch for underneath it, so hopefully that will get done this upcoming weekend and we'll be totally done with it.

the trahkener-to-be

stacked logs on a death-defying hill

view of the hill from the logs. really not that scary, but for someone
with serious hill phobia such as myself, it's plenty.

the oxer.
 The puppies were most definitely instrumental in helping build the jumps. Piggy especially, as she kept bringing us sticks and testing how well the finished jumps "rode".

pig's contribution.

darcy helping with the oxer.
In other news, I'm sort of kicking myself in the ass for choosing this month to give Red off. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for the past week and every day I've been thinking about how nice it would be to go for a trail ride. And then I see or read about some jumping exercise I'd like to try, or I have a lightbulb moment about what I want to try differently on the flat with Red, or we build new cross country jumps that are just begging to be used. But nooo.....I'm holding out. Last year, my first winter in Pennsylvania, the weather was super mild so I'm hoping I'll still be able to do some fun things outside next month. Of course, there isn't 3,000 acres of State Gamelands across the road so that limits things some, but I'll figure something out. There is no way I'm going to be in the arena all winter long.

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