Friday, November 18, 2011


This will be picture heavy, but unfortunately the pictures are from my phone so they're not top quality. Hubby currently has my camera in Myrtle Beach where he's on a "business" trip--though I don't see how a two hour product meeting followed by two days of quail hunting, golfing, and shark fishing count as business. This is the same company that sent him on a fully expense paid trip to Vermont this winter to ski. Must be nice, right?

I stood Red up in about two seconds for a quick conformation shot just because. Even with the lure of grass three feet away, he was more than willing to square up and stand still.

Red's Top Five Favorite Things:

1. Eating.
2. Licking the wall (or other available surfaces) when done eating.
3. Getting his picture taken.
4. Rolling.
5. Getting a treat for being so cute, licking the hand that fed him, then rolling and looking more cute so he gets his picture taken again.

He leads a hard life.

a half-assed attempt at a conformation shot. he actually has
a really short neck--i don't know why he looks like a giraffe.
We headed down to the arena to play for a little bit. He wasn't too impressed at first, spending more time rolling than getting crazies out, but he eventually got the hint.

Once he got the idea that he was free to run, however, he took it to heart and started making laps. To the right--which means he was really hammering his RF where his wonky suspensorary is. Noooo. So I had to lure him in with the crinkling of the carrot bag to get him to stop.

He was too impressed with himself to even get treats, so he had to snort and dance around me for a few minutes before focusing again.

"zomg, i iz a racehorse! a cuh-razy racehorse!"

"alright, now where are my cookies?"
I did some carrot stretches with him, much to his delight. I think Red could pull a cookie down from the rafters if he was so inclined. He can stretch like a circus freak.

"you can't keep cookies from me!"
We walked around the arena in what Natural Horsemen like to call "Join Up", but Red likes to call "Follow the cookie machine around--if you push the button enough times, cookies are dispensed through the pocket area."

tacked up in red's stall.
I jumped on him to we wandered around in a very Stacy Westfall-ish manner (HA!) for about five minutes before I got bored and quit.

I let him graze by the barn for about ten minutes before the BO suggested throwing him out in the area by the round pen to graze for awhile.

oh, gosh. i swear he's not pregnant!
He went back to his stall just in time for dinner. I rubbed down his front legs with the delicious smelling stuff I got at the dollar store today.

Just as I was leaving, BM pulled out Pepper for a driving lesson. As Pepper is probably the cutest Appy pony in existence, I couldn't help but stay to watch.

only second time hooked to the cart!
She had a bit of a mare pony-tude, but once she got the idea that going forward was all that was wanted, she trotted around like a little super star. Ohhh, Red..... I think I found a new game to play!

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