Sunday, November 13, 2011

Escapee Baby

When I trudged my way up the hill to get Red this morning, the newest baby in the barn--the black and white paint colt now named Picasso--was standing on the wrong side of the fence. Apparently the electric isn't working to that paddock (which is great, since there are the two foals and a mini in it) and he shimmied his way underneath the tape. He looked a little stunned and didn't take his eyes off of me as I crashed through the woods to get to him; he definitely had no idea what to do once he was free. Hubby unhooked a section of the fence and, with a little prodding as he's only been leading for a week, we got him back under the fence and reunited with his "friends". His friends wanted nothing to do with him and chased him around for awhile until they got bored with that game and left him alone. Guess who's going to have to find a new pasture to get turned out in?

"i don't want to be in here with these mean girls!"
Hubby rode Red down so we could take his wraps off, check his legs, and ply him with cookies after being a mostly good sport about yesterday. His legs were icy tight. Thank goodness. I'm not one who thinks there's a supplement to cure everything, but I am never ever ever taking him off of SmartTendon. Since he's been on it, his leg hasn't blown up a single time. I would recommend it to absolutely everyone that has a horse with soft tissue issues. This stuff has been a friggin' miracle worker for Red. A year ago, he would have been lame for a week if I'd jumped him like I did yesterday--which really wasn't very much at all.

"i put up with way too much."

"but there are always cookies at the end of the tunnel!"

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