Friday, March 25, 2011

Pony horse!

Taught Robert a new game today. For some reason I got the urge to try to pony off of Bobby. As with all other OTTBs I've worked with, he took up neck reining like he was a well-trained western pony. He was a little unsure of Red following him so closely since Red likes to bite him, but we walked and trotted once around the arena each way just fine. Had a quick self-photo shoot, then headed out for the field across the road.

Walked halfway around with zero problems from either pony (I've tried to pony off Red before and he likes to kick the other horse. However, he loves BEING ponied.). Trotted up the hill and down one straight side, then turned on the straight, long side across from the barn. Had to get Bobby really cruising at the trot to stay even semi-ahead of Red, so he picked up a nice little lope on his own. Red kept trotting and Bobby was going along nicely on a loose rein. Let them finish at that since it was pretty mucky out. I might take them down to the gamelands tomorrow, depending on whether or not Hubby comes down or we go up to his parents.

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