Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bobby critiqued

Wouldn't you know, even with the new feed in individual baggies with supplements added, BO still got confused. He had to ask CL how he was supposed to feed. Yes, I did leave a note that I thought explained it all. "B and R are on new grain. R gets fed the same thing AM/PM, B has different supplements AM/PM, so his bags are labeled. The bags are in the black buckets." I even put Bobby's bags in in order of feeding, so all he has to do is take the bag off the top and dump it in the bucket. I really thought it was fool-proof, but BO proved me wrong!

Red loves his new dinner.
So yesterday was the day CL's trainer came out to try Bobby to see if he would work for CL's daughter to take a weekly w/t lesson on. No big surprise, he passed with flying colors. He can get a little silly sometimes when he's feeling good, but he really is one of the most even-keel ponies on earth and he doped along.

Trainer is a total huntseat rider and went around with zero contact on the reins. She wanted to put him in draw reins (of course) to make him break at the poll. I don't have a problem schooling in draw reins every now and them as evidenced by earlier posts, but this is the same trainer for CL's friend's daughter who rides her green arab in draw reins every single ride, and I am not down with that. I want my horses to go around with a proper head carriage because they're strong and balanced, and not because their heads are stuck in that position from going in draw reins. There was a TB mare at college who was broke out in draw reins and she could not go around without them. It was really disguisting.

I know I can get ahead of myself when it comes to training and wanting results, but I do try to be really smart about it and take myself back sometimes to regroup and go about it the right way. Which is why no more standing martingale for Bobby and very limited draw rein usage. I'm going to a tack swap Saturday to pick up a new bit for him too. Maybe a full cheek. I also ordered a breastplate for him yesterday.

Trainer did throw out some good observations on him however, though nothing ground breaking. She said he needed to use his back more and that would help him use his hind end, though he doesn't want to because of his stifles. Said his right stifle seemed worse than the left (true, since that's the one that was warmer and more inflamed when he was so sore the other week). Said his feet were really tiny (durh).

They'll probably start lessons next week. CL said she and her friend were trying to get after BO to drag the arena--yay!

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