Sunday, March 13, 2011

Catching Up

My fat orange cat got his head stuck in my glass of water 2 weeks ago, and when he tried to pull his head up, he knocked the glass over right into my keyboard. So off it went to Geek Squad, hopefully to return by the end of the week. In the meantime, I've scribbled down a few things for each day to stay on task.

Thursday 3/3:
Back to the gamelands since the arena is still slop, trotted out, cantered back. He plowed through one of the puddles and got strong after so I pulled him back and made him trot one field, then cantered the next. Galloped Red around the field outside the barn. He's such a beast. I really let him get rolling and he just stuck his chin to his chest and went along like a good boy. This is an amazing change since he was at Cobleskill, as he was quite fond of taking off with me. Poulticed both boys, just for a little pampering.

Friday 3/4:
Washed the polutice off, gave both a good grooming, and cleaned Red's sheath. Red is perverted, in that he loves getting his sheath cleaned. He drops right down for you and just stands there.

Sunday 3/6:
Handed out peppermints at the barn with Hubby. Bobby followed along while Red licked the stall. Groomed both of them again since it was pouring outside. Again. We went home and lost power at 5:45pm, and didn't ge tit back until 10:30 the next morning.

                                                   Bobby helping give out cookies.

Monday 3/7:
We got about 6 inches of snow. Hubby got his truck stuck in the snow when the back tires went off the road pulling out of the driveway on his way to work. What a great way to start the day after still having no power by that point. Finally got it shoveled out just as his boss showed up to pull him out. Shoveled the Saturn out to get to the barn that afternoon. I love my little car. It's a mauler in bad weather.

Took Bobby to the gamelands since the snow was drifted pretty deep in the arena. Melting snow kept falling on his head which would make him throw it up every time it happened. He also had a baby spook when a huge load slid down the trunk of the tree he was passing. Got to the halfway point of the path to get to the real road part of the gamelands, and a tree had fallen over from the weight of the snow. Got off Bobby to assess the situation, decided if it was tall enough for me to duck under, it was tall enough for him. He agreed and walked right under it. I'm not sure if he's brave, or just not smart enough to realize that bad things can happen to good ponies. Which is just fine with me! Actual path  wasn't too bad since most of the snow had already melted back there so we did the routine trot out canter back. Went up the steep little path to get back so I wouldn't have to get off again.

                                          Under the tree he goes!

Tuesday 3/8:
Forgot about the fallen tree until I was already almost to it so I got off again and led him through again. Cantered him out this time instead of trotting, and while he took it in stride, my legs were waving the white flag. Alternated between trotting and cantering back, hand galloped the final field.

Waited around for the vet since she was supposed to come "early afternoon". Of course, with a vet, that could be anywhere between noon and 4. Took the dogs out for a run, went to grab a Snapple at the gas station, and came back to find that vet had called BO and told him she's be there after 5 (it was 2:30 by this point), and BO drove to the barn to tell Fran, who was the only one there, instead of calling ME. So I drove home, got in the shower, and as soon as I got out, crazy woman called me, not the BO again, to tell me vet had called her to say she'd be there in 45 minutes. Well, it takes me 45 minutes to get to the barn, so I threw some clothes on and went back out.

Waited around for about 45 minutes while crazy woman's pony got gelded and coggins/shots done. Coggins and Rabies for Red, Coggins, Rabies, and 4-way for Bobby. I was ready to pound my head against the stall when vet was done explaining shots to crazy woman and her friend. A) She thought horses got shingles instead of stangles, B) she had no idea what 4-way or 5-way entailed, C) she thought that because her friend's horse had a cold last year, it was Rhino. Vet was amazingly good at not laughing at everything that came out of this woman's mouth. I mean, really. You own horses, you own baby horses no less, do some frigging research instead of relying on your vet for everything!

Wednesday 3/9:
Ordered new paddock boots finally (Saxon brand for $30. I love cheap boots, not going to lie. I love my Saxon tall boots), and U-Gard for Bobby which I'm going to give him myself with his lunch. I'm also going to start giving him oil with his lunch. He needs to gain some serious weight because of the sucky feeding arrangements.

Today was Bobby's birthday!

                                                    Happy Birthday, Bobby!

Gave him some carrots that he had to share with the rest of the barn. It was the first time I've seen Knotty (an OTSB across from Red who's mostly blind) look alive. Apparently, he's a carrot whore. Groomed Bobs and let him have the day off with lots of hay. Worked Red in the round pen w/t/c. I had to chase him down to get him to canter. He was like, "There is hay in my stall and it's cold and rainy out here. Canter around in a cricle yourself."

                                         Bobby as a weanling! Now you can tell how
                                         he almost got the name Beatwithuglystick.

Thursday 3/10:
Raining like crazy, so I put on the newly purchased $20 rainsuit from Walmart and headed out on Bobby. I thought he sounded a tenny, tiny sliver off walking down the road, but he wasn't moving differently and didn't seem uncomfortable in any way. Trotted out through literal lakes on the path from so much rain and snow melt. Turned him around to trot back and he automatically picked up the canter. That lasted all of 5 strides before he pulled himselg back up to the trot. It was too slippery for cantering. Wrapped him up in his cooler when we got back and dried him off really good.

He was stomping his RH in his stall as he was eating his hay, so I groped him a little. No serious reaction, except for some ear pinning, but I was "getting awfully close to [his] shaft!" (The Hangover) Gave him a good rub down over his hips and stifles with rubbing alcohol anyway. On a plus note, when I first bought him in December, you could run your fingers down his back and he would literally sit down he was so sore. Now, you do the same thing and he dips a teeny bit on the right side, but already so much better and stronger.

                                          Fair Hill is going to look like a puddle by the time we get there.
Friday 3/11:
Arena semi-ok to ride in so I took Red out finally. W/t/c both ways, had a minor beat-down when he kept trying to spook at a pile of snow on the other side of the fence. Had 2 x-rails set up for the 7 stride line to try to do with Bobby later, so I put Red over them a couple of times off a circle, trying to knock down as many strides as we could before the fence. Back in his prime before I sold him, he was down to 3 strides in front of a 2'9" fence. Now, he's at about 4 with a 2'3" fence. But he'll get back to it.

Worked on canter mostly with Bobby, but he's really crooked down his back and neck. I need a chiropractor for him. Riiiiight. Do you take checks? Post dated checks? Just another thing to work slowly through myself and do what I can with what I can. I can't wait for no more rain so I can really use the arena again! He needs alot of flat work. Tried him over the x-rails a couple times, but he kept taking them down, so I ended when I got one time over the line with nothing down, incredibly crooked and disorganized as it was.

Checked out his stifles again, and still same half-assed response. Mixed him up a heavy alcohol/cold water bath and soaked his back end.

Saturday 3/12:
Today was my kelpie's birthday! Two years old. She got some icecream for McDonalds and was subjected to wearing the birthday tiara.

                                                    Happy birthday, Darcy!

Went down to the barn with Hubby. It was packed with people I would prefer not to have it packed with. Crazy lady and her friend, plus both their kids, their trainer, and their trainer's kid. They had recently gelded pony and crazy lady's other pony out in the arena, then turned out the other baby out there too. Then they just stood there as the horses stood there. Good use of the arena, guys! So I decided to hop on Red bareback and walk him down the road a little, but crazy lady's friend had her arab on the crossties in front of the doors, so I led him out the doors towards the arena where there's another gate out to the road--but you don't go near actually going in the arena to do so. So I walk out and crazy lady's like, "Are you putting him out here?" Uhhhhhh, am I RETARDED? No, no I am not. (Not retarded, not putting him out with your stupid babies.)

Hubby and I fucked around with Red for a little bit, and when they brought their horses in, we went to the arena and fucked around a little bit more. Took Red over one of the x-rails, which he amazingly deigned to pick his feet up over. Put him away when crazy lady's friend brought her arab out for her daughter to lunge and the horse was going crazy. Red was unconcerned, but I wanted nothing to do with it. Gave him his 4-way, with his only reaction being annoyance that he couldn't have his head buried in his hay.

Checked on Bobby's butt, and his stifles did seem a little warm and more tender today. Another alcohol bath, and I ordered some Conquer paste in hopes it works like bute. Because $15 is better than $50. Hopefully that gets here soon, since Dover has been sucky about getting their orders here lately. I'm still waiting on my U-Gard and boots.

                                          Fancy bareback dressage pony.

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