Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Let's start this off by saying no Bobby news is not good Bobby news. Bro is lame as fuck, and I'm anxiously waiting for the vet to come out Friday and steal all my monies to get to the bottom of what is no doubt a re-injury to the DDFT he mildly fucked up last summer. That shit it not mildly anything this time around. Shit is like, RAWR IMMA EAT YOUR HORSE'S WHOLE LEG.

But I mean maybe he just tweaked something and he's just a little sore, right?


"don't care, just want cookies and nothing faster than a stumbling walk, thx."

In the meantime, I have full access to good ole Shooter who I absolutely adore riding.

worried about all the things. he's a sensitive dude.

Now that I've gotten a few more rides in with him and spent some more time with him on the ground with the thought of "This is my riding horse" instead of him just being another boarder in the barn (Seriously so lucky his mom is so nice and is sharing him!), I've got a lot better understanding of what his quirks and past training are.

Let me preface this by saying this is a nice horse. He's very light in the bridle, he moves off your leg without drama (except when he's so tired oh god what is two rides in two days so fat and out of shape), and I can put him pretty much anywhere I want him.

However, like any horse, he's got some holes that with BM's help both his owner and I are going back and helping him out with. I think a trainer somewhere in his past focused more on how the overall picture looked and not so much on the mechanics. He frames right up, but without a whole lot of egging there's not much power coming from behind. He also likes to curl and plow onto the forehand, and I can't imagine either of those things does his neck arthritis any good.

adorbs. he regularly flats in an elevator, but i
couldn't find his bridle this day so he went in boby's
french link. he was fine in it, so with his mom's permission
i think we'll just switch him over to a snaffle. 

Right now I'm working on throwing the reins at him in the canter so he can learn that it's okay to come up and out. Once he gets it he's so much looser in his entire body, and you can feel his whole demeanor soften like, "Ahhh, that feels pretty good!"

His lack of hind end strength--and overall strength as I think he was sitting for a bit before J was able to bring him up here--really shows in his jumping. He doesn't get rude or rush or play or anything like that, but even over the little X we were jumping the other day, I saw a distance and put my leg on to tell him to take it, and he almost had to stop and sit to get the oomph to get us over.

He also dives onto the forehand so bad the last two strides before the fence it's like his entire front end just disappears. Fortunately he's such a good boy about taking direction that lots and lots of leg lifts him up, but there's going to be lots of dressage and lots of tiny jumps in his future to rebuild that booty.

We did a little trail ride with W after our last ride, and despite some warnings from his mom that he might be a spaz, he was a star. He had one spook coming around the corner of the gazebo thing by the pond that was basically one quick step sideways, and then another stop and start coming back around the corner of the barn. He also gets a little squirrelly coming inside in the morning when he has to clear the back barn. I think he just preventative spooks because he's such an insecure dude.

not insecure. just broken.

This weekend is a hunter pace at my barn, so I'm hoping I'll be able to take him if he's available. If not I'll just steal someone else because MY HORSE WON'T BE SOUND FOR IT.


  1. Well shit, Bobby! At least Shooter is cute <3 lol

  2. Boo lameness. Shooter is a cutie. His face is so long.

  3. Lameness sucks!!

    Shooter is so adorable :)

  4. Lameness BE GONE!

    Unidentified lameness is straight from the devil - I hope your vet has some ideas.

    Shooter is seriously cute. :)

  5. Ugh, I hope it's not what you think it is. Fingers crossed for something quick and easy!
    Glad you have Shooter to keep you busy though!

  6. We need some Majik Lameness Evaporator Powder for our broken horses. When you get your order, can you save some for me? :)

  7. Damnit Bobby! Shooter sounds fun though, maybe Bobby will be so jealous that he gets magically sound again!

  8. Oh man, I hope you get a definitive answer, that it is a cheap and easy fix, and doesn't involve a long layup. Lamenesses are the worst. Fingers crossed for you.

  9. Glad you have a pony to play with while Bobby eats all your $. Sigh. Horses.

  10. Sorry Bobby is sidelined. Sounds like you have something fun to ride though!

  11. I'm happy you have such a nice horse to play with for now. But damn Bobby. Damn.

  12. Shooter sounds cool! Get unlame soon Bobby :)


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