Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Media Dump

riding bestie came up friday! we took chancey
and bobby out for a long trail ride, but first i found
these amazing pony sized polos and forced them
onto chance with my amazing wrapping skills.
you're welcome, chance.

at the corner of this field, chance was leading and i looked back to find bobby running
sideways into weeds. sarah casually called out, "bobby's pulling a bobby!" aaaand that's how
you know you have good riding friends who don't get upset when your horse is a dick.

how cute is tiny little old man chance? he's beyond
any doubt turned out to be the perfect fit for bm's program
and everyone in the barn absolutely loves him. 

after tack shopping at a new store (not the one with the weird lady, tracy!), we came
home and made dessert waffles...with a side of doritos and ice cream. come party at
my house. we eat super healthy here. (yes, that is a bowl of melted butter.)

winona got her spay and hernia repair friday.
she came out of it feeling super as evidenced by
being super naughty and jumping on the table. obvi
picture of a kitten in a cone had to be taken before removal
of said kitten from the table. naughty but look how cute!

also on the docket for the weekend was an update for the bathroom! our entire house
is tan--tan paint, tan carpet, tan everything. the bathroom was the first step in bringing some
real color to the whole place. the paint's more green tinted than the pic shows, and i love it.

had an awesome ride on shooter this morning.
one of these days i'll do an in depth ride report on
him. he's a ton of fun while still giving me plenty
of things to work on.

bobby and sparky sharing lameness stories. i think i might have finally gotten bobby
to the point where's he's solidly lame which i know sounds awful, but vets can diagnose
lame horses. they can't diagnose horses that magically are completely sound one day but not he other.

one of those legs is not like the other, even after
soaking in a bucket of ice water. i also finally banned
him from halters since he loses and/or destroys them daily.

kind of a bummer though because he's really looking great right now. kitten's surgery
was the vet allowance for the month, so bobby will have to wait a bit to get some imagery done.
he says he's super sad. being a pasture pet is so awful. 


  1. Next time I'm up your way, we will have to visit the new tack store! Probably sometime in October <3

    1. Just in time for Halloween which means MOAR COSTUMES!!!

  2. Poor Bobby 😔 but you're right, easier to diagnose solidly lame than on-again off-again lame!

  3. Gah - sorry to hear Bobby has reverted back to fat leg status. =/

    Here's to hoping it gets cleared up soon!

  4. Sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend.

  5. Ugh, lame ponies, it sucks but solidly lame IS way better than on again/off again lame. Sounds like a good weekend though, yay for awesome weekends!

  6. Love the collar look on Bobby. Pretty sure Nilla would just flip me off and peace out if I tried to control her via only a collar. I saw your fb post on painting your bathroom and it was hilarious.

  7. I got a good giggle out of the collar of shame.

  8. That is the story of Jampy's summer. My vet was like you need to work him and jump him so I can figure out what's wrong with him. Joke is on doc though... Jumping the horse 3'6" regularly and he's exactly the same. sheesh.
    Hope Bobby gets figured out quickly and it's an easy fix!
    Also, your meal sounds right up my alley.

  9. The bathroom turned out great. Sorry to hear Bobby is lame, but yeah it will be easier to figure out if he's able to be blocked out.

  10. Love those polos haha! Hope Bobby is completely not lame soon. :)

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  12. I will be coming for a visit for no other reason than that bowl of melted butter and your adorable naughty kitten lol.

  13. Awh Bobby! You need to get sound!


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