Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wide open spaces

Short post because surprise! Nothing particularly exciting happened today. I did trailer Bobby off to unexplored lands, but trail riding is generally pretty boring to write about.

Unless you want to hear about how I had to do a three point turn in the middle of oncoming traffic. That was awesome.

Or not. Fuck you, Rochester.

when your self loading horse thinks you're taking too
long to get things around and tries to put himself on the
trailer to speed things up but doesn't realize he's still tied.

I know sometimes it can be hard to imagine why I've kept Bobby around this long when I can go on a good long run of posts about what a tool he's being. In the end, theatrics make for better blog fodder, and while not the most enjoyable thing to ride through, they're really not dangerous or difficult. Annoying as shit and getting me thinking about horse murdering land, yes, but in the grand scheme of things, he could always be worse.

never dramatic. doesn't know what you're talking about.

This isn't a Bobby shaming post though. It's a picture dump of our first time exploring (a small section of) a vast trail system in our area that caters to pony pants.

the gently rolling hills are going to do wonders
for a booty.

Bobby hadn't been on the trailer since the first weekend of October last year, but he strolled right on when I brought him out. He hauled quietly, calmly backed off the trailer, and stood with a hind foot cocked munching on hay while checking out the scenery and watching two dressage riders head out on their horses without making a peep. He waited patiently while I mounted, and then happily meandered across the road and out onto the trails on the buckle.

pretty trees!

This place is gorgeous. It goes on forever and ever, but the trails are horribly marked. I kept doubling back and shooting off onto random trails looking for my red markers, but ended up not having any luck finding the entire trail. Fortunately, the land just goes on forever and ever and we spent two hours exploring. Mostly walking since Bobby may be Hulk but he's not ready to go out and run a marathon, but we also got in a good long trot and a few strong canters.

the only place you weren't allowed to wander
was down to the ponds themselves. 

We passed a horse lady walking her dog a couple times by criss-crossing our paths, and she was like, "Your horse looks so good for this time of year!" Why thank you, random lady. For all the work Bobby did with all the varied terrain, he never took a deep breath and came back to the trailer only a little damp under his saddle.

still a little muddy out in spots from the heavy
rains over the weekend.

So, yes. Bobby may be a colossal asshole at times, but while I want a horse that can be competitive in the show ring--which Bobby has proven time after time he is--I also place significant importance on a horse I can drag out of his stall and do things like this with whenever I want. He might not have the greatest work ethic when he's doing something he doesn't like, but he's as versatile as they come (gaming champion anyone?) and plugs along in brand new places without a worry in the world.

"can't talk, trying to figure out this fucking slow feed hay net. bitch."


  1. That is what is killing me about my horse right now. No fun trail adventures and why I"m looking into getting a free lease to keep at home to go trail riding with

  2. Courage certainly has his moments, but I've done the same math. The bad moments don't scare me, the good moments are really good, and the fun things we can do make it all worthwhile. :-)

    And hey. Maybe someday they grow up?

  3. That looks like so much fun! While P is great trail riding with others, he's not much fun to take out alone just yet. Glad you had a good day with him.

  4. Go Bobby go! Good trail rides really can't be beat.

  5. Nice trails!! Looks like you two had a fun day :)

  6. There is a lot to be said for a horse that loads well, travels well, comes off the trailer chill as F***, ties to the trailer and rides out alone. I don't think I could own a creature that did not. Glad you had fun with your Bobbeh.

  7. Nice trails. I'm impressed! Bobby is so good.

  8. What nice looking trails! Glad you had a fun little adventure together

  9. I think what I've come to appreciate most about my OTTB is how chill and easy going he is in basically every situation I've put him in.

  10. Being sane in new places can be highly under-rated. I hope whatever I find will be just as cool and collected on trips as Bobby!

  11. So this might be apropos nothing, but somehow during the four years I spent riding in the Mendon Ponds Park area I never went on a SINGLE trail ride up there. Regrets. I have them. (And now totally want to trailer my poor pony up there and make you meet us there for a ride)

  12. Hah, I had this SAME reaction. I love that Miles can go out on the trails. That's a definite positive for me!


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