Friday, May 6, 2016

Anatomy of a Bobby breakfast

I feel like we should all come together and make Filler Friday a thing. It's where you try to clean out your drafts folder and dump a few posts that have been lurking too long. Any other participants? Here's my first entry with a look into what my horse gets for his morning noms.

2 quarts Blue Seal Carb Guard:

Bobby was getting fed a lot of sweet feed at our barn in PA. It was a mix specifically made for the barn that everyone got. Obviously sweet feed is not the best for a horse with sketchy feet, but although we were allowed to bring in our own grain, you didn't get anything off your board price for doing so. At the time that wasn't financially feasible for me.

Our new barn offers a choice between Blue Seal's Carb Guard or their Senior feed. Bobby started off at three quarts because he was a little ribby from the first barn we were at up here, but he was quickly backed down to only two quarts. His weight and his feet look great now.

SmartPak containing MSM pellets and Cocosoya:

I originally purchased the Cocosoya to try to fill Bobby out a little bit. As you all know, he naturally looks ribby because of the massive rib cage his papa passes on to all his offspring. He also sweats an insane amount, and that makes him look a little meh. Between grass coming in, his brain supplement (see below) causing him to be (in general) way less stressed about things, and the added fat from the cocosoya, I'm pretty much in love with his weight at the moment. The cocosoya has also made his coat super soft, shiny, and healthy looking.

The MSM is a recent replacement for the SmartTendon he was on for almost a year. I want to feel like I'm doing something for lubrication, and it's cheap, so there.

30 grams Mag Ox:

Yes, he gets a lot of Magnesium. Yes, I feel like he needs it all. Yes, you can find Science to back the dosage if you use the internet. Yes, I'm sure at least one of you will tell me it's too much. Yes... wait, no, I don't care.

Usually when people buy this in bulk from their feed stores, it's floofy white powder that flies everywhere. Fortunately for me, Hubby works with chemicals all the live long day and was able to find me the exact same thing in pelleted form. Way less mess, though Bobby still won't eat it unless it's top dressed with...


Horse loves applesauce, what can I say?

What about you guys? What are your horses eating?

freshly clipped bobby on the last day of april.
sound, shiny, and filled out. 


  1. Delicious. And so shiny.
    Mo-mo is on Strategy GX with a small helping of Rice bran pellets to keep his weight up. He gets an anti-inflammitory supplement (made of mushrooms) that has replaced his previcox (and works just as well, if not better) as well as a joint supplement from Adeptus. Not cheap, but it worked wonders for Thule dog and it is also working well for Cosmo. Top it off with lots of water so it's all soupy and let it sit until it's a disgusting soft sludge and then dump it in his feed bin (usually on top of hay) and watch him chow down.

  2. For AM meals, App is currently on 2 quarts of Triple Crown Senior, a scoop of Cool Calories to try to eliminate ribbies, 2 scoops of SmartSox bc I bought it on clearance when they were changing its name and thought his issues were lower leg issues, a scoop of MSM cause cheap and why not and a half tablet of Previcox bc old and crippled. Thankfully he eats it all down without any hesitation.

    Mia gets a quart of Triple Crown and a scoop of Uckele Hoof Biotin and am not impressed. This is the 3rd (each is a 100 day supply) container of it and her hoofs now have cracks so it is certainly this supplement. Going for something else next time cause Mia's feet still suck.

  3. my mare is suddenly fat as a house (thanks spring grass) so we're adjusting. probably needs moar applesauce tho haha. also i'm with ya on the friday filler. my post today? 'it's raining yo. sometimes we ride in the rain and get wait. hbu?' lolz...

  4. I am with you on Filler Friday. My post today is basically just asking other people to write an informative post for me. D is on 1 lb of KER Re-Leve high fat/low starch, his Prascend pill because Cushing's is the worst, and at night he gets his smartpak with DMG and SmartPituitary Senior because why the hell not?

  5. He looks good! You do what you have to do with the Mag Ox, it's working for him. Rock on!

  6. Yeah I def have some filler Friday content, one post has been hanging around since February; my horse gets a breakfast feed in Jan/Feb/Mar only, rest of the year he gets hella grass & 4 lbs grain at dinner. This was our first winter at a new barn too, and with so much of his diet being grass now it was a little tricky to get him on par with the proper feed serving at first. We also add alfalfa cubes and rice pellet during the winter months.

  7. Bobby is so lucky to have chefs prepare that beautiful breakfast every day!

  8. Oh man, where'd you get the pelletized MagOx? I want that shit.

    1. Right?! So much better than powder! Hubby works for Crop Production Services and was able to snag me a bag. Check and see if they have a location by you--they're all over and you can easily order stuff like that from them. It was $35 for a 50lb bag.

  9. Bobby is looking amazing!

  10. You make me thankful for my easy keeping OTTB.

  11. He is looking great! You have found a great mixture.

    Currently, the Baconator is getting 3lbs of LMF Showtime, with 2lbs (dry weight) beet pulp, 1/2c corn oil, SmartGut Ultra, and 1/4 sunflower seeds. I had her on MSM, but took her off of it to see if it was encouraging her "hot" behavior, because some research I pulled up suggested that it may for some horses. And it certainly did for her. I also ordered some raspberry leaf and chaste tree berry, plus some SmartCalm Ultra to see if that helps her be a little more comfortable. Without magnesium, her skin and body and mind is extra twitchy. And she decided to have hormones this year. Oh yeah, and adding back the SmartGain, because apparently it does help her. SIGHHH.

  12. Suzie gets some alfalfa pellets in addition to her free choice hay - that's about it.

    Spud gets nothing because he's fat. HAHA.

  13. I was just debating whether I wanted to try Pearl on magnesium again. Her brains just kind of disappeared in March and I haven't been able to find them. I had her on 2 scoops Mag restore a while back and didn't notice any difference but I could try bumping that up.

    Right now she is being served ~3lb Tribute senior BID but kind of meh about eating it, I'm guessing because she is so full of good grass. NOT complaining about her finally getting adequate forage... thinking I'll bump down her grain ration just cuz I need her to finish all her meds/supps. Honestly I wish I could try to give her ration balancer + alfalfa pellets as her meals because I feel like she'd clean that up better (girl loves her hay pellets) but I don't want to be too much of a PITA for my saintly BO with soaking and all that.

    Real meds that I need her to eat: isoxsuprine BID, previcox
    Supplements that may or may not do anything but make me feel better: bute-less pellets because why not, tri-amino which I did actually notice a difference in butt muscle building, just started smartpak bug pellets because we do a lot of trail riding and the mosquitos were out in March???, the cheapest smartpak probiotic because she kinda had some loose poops a couple months ago and now I'm like well it ain't broke, should I mess with it or should I continue to be suckered out of my $15/month. Just ran out of Vit E but not worried about that right now because she's on grass. Gets actiflex from Big D's plus another 10g of MSM. Does any of it make a difference? Beats me, but I'm not going to spend months doing trials so I will embrace my neurotic ammy horse mom ness.

  14. No worries, Riley gets 70 grams of MO2 (which works out to roughly 35 grams of actual magnesium)!!

  15. My TB is currently fat on air. Like, real fat. (Now I'm just rubbing it in)

    Also, no flak from me. You literally cannot feed too much magnesium (you can inject too much, though). So, go on with your bad self. At worst, you have expensive pee.

  16. UGH. I am currently once again tweaking Boca's feed. How in the world do I own the world's only hard keeper Paint???

    Moving up to 2QT Sentinal Performance LS
    Just added 2oz Rice Bran Oil
    +++ as much free choice 2nd cut hay as I can get him to stuff in his precious face.

  17. Mag Ox will go right through if you are feeding too much, so no worries there.

    Per feeding Sydney gets a scoop of Tribute Essential K, two tablespoons of Mag Ox, 4000 mg of Vitamin E, one Probiotic cookie, and two cups of Canola oil.

  18. Glad you have found something that works for him. I enjoy hearing what people feed their horses and how it works for them

  19. Feeding down under is so different to the USA. My round mare gets 8kg, so not quite 20lb of "meadow" hay. I think that is pasture hay to you guys. In her bucket in the morning she gets 2 cups speedibeet (unmolassed sugarbeet, it gets soaked) 1 cup of hygain zero (low starch soybean hull pellets), 500grams (1lb) Lucerne (Alfalfa) chaff, 500grams (1lb) wheaten chaff. Chaff being chopped hay, it comes in sacks. Wheaten being made from hay cut when the wheat has formed a head but no grain yet inside. 30grams biotin powder, 15grams magnesium chelate/vitamin e powder, 30 grams of a complete pelletised vit/min supplement (only missing the above nutrients). She hates the biotin. When she in in heavy work she gets an extra kilo (2.2lb) of wheaten hay a day because she needs the sugars then. She us on omeprazole all the time and gets probiotics if she has an ulcer flare up. Once she has her allergy shots (desensitisation) we hope to be able to quit the omeprazole. Yep, she might be an easy keeper but she sure isn't cheap to feed. She is in what we call a paddock, you call pasture, but given her speed eating tendencies it is usually grazed out.

  20. Definitely an appetizing meal for a horse, me not so much :P

    I am definitely going to keep Filler Friday in mind.. I mean my Friday post was a throw away one this week anyways :)

  21. Poor Red only gets half of a scoop of his low starch/low sugar feed and a scoop of powdered yucca in the summer. In the winter he gets a big cup of soaked beet pulp, half a scoop of his usual feed then half a scoop of nutrena maintenance and his yucca. He's a much happier horse in the winter because he LOVES beet pulp.

  22. Miles gets 3/4 scoop of Purina Strategy and ALL THE SUPPLEMENTS. It's so bad. He gets ProBios, SmartFlex I and SmartOmega 3.

  23. When I felt like I had money I put Ries on Renew Gold feed with Exceed 6 Way supp. Now that I think it works so well I'm afraid to take him off of it, even though I"m poor


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