Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Big One One

It's Bobby's birthday today!

Thankfully facebook was all, "Remember Bobby's birthday from last year?" because I had it marked down on my calendar as the twelfth. Whoops. You'd think after eleven years I'd remember exactly when it is. I don't where that date came from, but as it happens I am never unprepared for an animal's birthday. I pulled out a few bags of costumes, dug through one of my trunks, and came up with a sparkly pink tiara and a Birthday Girl banner. After a quick rework on the "girl" part with a Sharpie, I snagged a few apples off the table and headed over to the barn.

these are all of bobby's favorite things

I made him up a birthday bucket with apples, carrots, peppermints, grain, and a top dressing of apple sauce and took it out to the paddock for him. He was like, "Ooh, candy!" (He is his mother's child.), but I reminded him nothing in this relationship comes for free before plopping the tiara on his head and slinging the sash around his neck.

"don't care. have snacks."
"love snacks."

the dollar store is really discriminatory. where are the boy sashes?!
angry because he couldn't get the last of it out. i ended up dumping it on the ground.

Sad story: After his snacks he had a pretty intensive dressage school. Or at least it was intensive for me. I think I did the most work while Bobby was like, "LOL, riding with another Thoroughbred! Look at us! We don't know how to walk. Or trot. But yes, we will canter if you get into half seat!"

It all came together at the end though, and he finally gave me some super medium trot that's been missing for awhile. He got a scrub down when we were done, and then I attempted to graze him on the tiniest nubbins of grass alive.

looking for the remnants of snacks

finally warm enough for all day naked horses!


  1. Happy Birthday Bobby! Have some Mt. Dew on me!

  2. I have to lookup Simon's birthday every year. Happy 11th to Bobby!

  3. Happy birthday princess Bobby!

  4. Happy birthday Bobby, you fabulous bitch!!

  5. Happy Birthday Bobby! I love his outfit, I think I need to start doing this to TC every year.

  6. 'Cause dudes can always rock a pink tiara. Happy Elevensies Bobby!

  7. Happy Birthday Bobby! Facebook reminded me of a birthday this year too :)

  8. You are a master of costumes (and of birthdays). Happy Birthday Bobby!!

  9. Happy Birthday Bobby!
    I think the girl banner makes it even better. I mean, he's a gelding that wears tiaras!

  10. Dude. Is Bobby getting all muscled up? He looks super great in that last shot!

    1. He holds his breath when I stand him up for pictures so he looks like a ribby neglect case. Since he's stuffing his face and ignoring, you can see what he actually looks like for once.

  11. Happy Birthday Bobby! It's ok. I think he really pulls off the pink.

  12. Happy Birthday Bobby! Looks like he had a good day. :)

  13. Happy birthday Bobby! Snacks are the best


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