Monday, November 2, 2015

October Review, November Goals

Things I accomplished in the month of October:
  • Mmm.....nothing.
Horse-wise, that certainly felt like the case, and I can barely cross anything off my goal list for last month, but Hubby and I did do a really big grown up thing and bought our first house! Post about that to follow which will basically just be pictures of my dogs. Listen, there are worst posts out there.

October Review:

1. Work on lengthening and shortening the canter in both saddles on both leads. I switched between my jump saddle and dressage saddle pretty regularly the very few times I got out to the barn to ride my horse. As far as working on adjusting the canter? To the left, much improvement. To the right? Enh, not really.

2. Maintain contact and connection through all transitions. A work in progress. Very much in progress. I know the approach to take, now it's just a matter of getting good at it.

3. More fitness work. LOL, no. I feel like I can count on one hand the number of times I saw my horse last month, even though it must have been more than that.

4. Finish our show season on a positive note. We got past the Training block, even if it was just a jumper derby Training, and it was awesome, and we brought home a blue ribbon. Super positive.
too lazy to add to a collage. also to lazy to clip this beast for the third time already.
November Goals:

1. Fitness for real. We need to get out of the ring and do some terrain work while we still can. You know, before we're buried under ten feet of snow.

2. No stirrup work! 'Tis the season! This used to terrify me, but I've been working my lady balls off all year with no stirrups, so it's totally doable this time around. I even jumped a few times with those babies gone today without any trouble.

I'm keeping it short and sweet this time around. We're not gearing up for anything, so plain old strength work while still focusing on the correct basics and whatever else Trainer yells at us for is plenty. I'm also crossing my fingers my truck won't die before my car gets fixed so I can get back to the barn on a regular basis. Ugh, money. Why don't you just replace yourself as fast as I spend you?


  1. Oof - no stirrup november! My students love this one... :)

  2. booom, training achievement unlocked! i am still ridiculously excited for you about that lol

  3. YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE! That's awesome!! Congrats! Plus FINALLY making it to training... dude. It's been a long time coming.


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