Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Adulting like adults

*Warning: Not horse related.

I feel like I should have saved this as a Wordless Wednesday, but for the sake of personal documentation, I want to use my words, and really, my pictures are not that exciting. Also I want to say that just because we bought a house in the Worst State Ever does not mean that this is going to be our permanent residence.

semi permanent residence.

There's nothing quite like renting out an absolute shit hole in the Worst State Ever for double what a mortgage on a house would cost to make you feel even colossally more miserable than you were before. Add a certified slum lord to the picture (One day I'll tell you all about that time we nearly died from gas leaking into our house from the oven the landlord said was fine, or how the toilet would randomly flush itself and then not turn off, or how we replaced more basic living necessitates in that house ourselves than the house was probably worth.), and Hubby and I started house hunting almost immediately upon arrival.

things you discover while packing: why do i have so much syrup??

Here's the thing about me: when I set my sights on something, I am going to get it. Period. And I need it now. Period. And also, when I find something I want, that is the one thing I want. Period.

the puppies' first halloween with trick or treating.

puppies said to get candy you must first give pets.

I've never done a trial period for a horse. I've actually never gone to look at a horse and turned it down. The same applies to my other pets, vehicles, and now our house. I scoured real estate listings until I found one house I liked. We contacted a realtor and went to see the place.

first time owning a dishwasher. why are there so many choices?!
best house warming gift we got was a fire extinguisher.
I was sold immediately, but Realtor wanted to show us a few more places. We indulged her and looked briefly at three more houses the next day, but when we were done with the last house, we told her to go ahead and put in an offer on the first house.

my bookcases until i get shelving in.
mags is available to play ball in the meantime.

hubby installing a toilet paper holder because we oddly didn't have one.
mags is available to play with her fox in the meantime.

 We could not have asked for a better Realtor for our first home buying experience. She's hysterical and made us feel like a member of her family in about two seconds flat. Aside from the great chemistry, she was such a professional on the business end. She got everything done for us pretty much the second we asked her to do it, and never once got tired of our stupid newbie questions. Plus she made heads roll when the seller's attorney lost the title to the house the day before closing.

first night home.

the bottom cupboards will be painted white to match the top ones.

We signed everything last Tuesday and recruited a handful of dudes that work for Hubby to haul all our shit over that night. So long, slum lord and your slum house! We had to eat the substantial security deposit because of breaking the contract and moving early, but getting out of there was worth it.

The new crib is nothing fancy, and it certainly wouldn't work for anyone with a bigger family than ours, but it's the perfect starter home. Everything was redone before we moved in: paint, carpet, floors, windows, etc. There are a few changes we want to do, but there's nothing wrong with it as it stands.

ugh, fencing. y u so expensive?

we have naughty creatures that need to be contained.

realtor had listing agent cancel the open house.
this home is reserved for doggies, sorry.

After being a transient for so many years--my poor cat has lived in nine different houses with me since he was born under my roomie's bed in college eight years ago--it's been one massive sigh of relief to own our house for once. The substantially cheaper mortgage payment doesn't hurt either!

sir fat cat says this view is just as good as the other ones.
he also says to hurry up and get a new, grown up couch already.


  1. Looks great! Yay for grownup things and cheaper payments!

  2. Yay! Congrats! When Husband and I packed up our apartment, we had an overabundance of salt and pepper shakers (at least 6 of each).

  3. Having your own house is really amazing. Congrads on adulting!

  4. Congrats! It's a great feeling. Plus, there's never enough syrup.

  5. Congrats!! House is super cute and looks like a great home for you guys! :D

  6. There is no such thing as too much syrup! But seriously, congrats!! So exciting :-)

  7. Congrats, how fun! Home buying sure is a process and is not one I enjoy. I understand it not being the "forever" house but a good "for now" house sure does help make you feel like you accomplished something doesn't it?

  8. Congratulations! That is fantastic. Looks like a cute little place!

  9. Congrats! It looks like a nice house.

  10. It looks nice and I'm glad that you don't have to deal with the slumlord owned slum anymore. Congratulations!

  11. Congrats! I'm also very relieved to hear that you're well prepared for a pancake emergency.

  12. Congrats!! I was hoping the purchase didn't mean the move was permanent. :-) Glad you're out of the gas-leak-hazard.

  13. Very awesome! What a cute little house with no slum lords present!

  14. So great! Same reason my hubby and I bought, way cheaper than rent!

  15. Congrats!!!! After going through the first time home buying process a couple months ago I'm pretty sure good realtors are worth their weight in gold. Ours was awesome too. Can't imagine what people do without them?!?

    I'm similar to you in that when I decide on something I decide for reals, but I apparently have a thin for twos: I picked the second college I looked at, adopted the second horse I fostered, married the second guy I ever dated, and we bought the second house we looked at. It's actually weirding me out a little.

  16. yayy for the house! but i agree... don't stay in ny forever. now i see why you can't come to my shower! you have lots of work to do!! :P

  17. Congrats! I have the same cupboards as you I think....adulting cupboard twins :P

  18. woo congratulations! looks super cozy - clearly Mags and the other creatures have settled right in!

  19. Congratulations! Ah, adulting... So overrated...

  20. Congrats!!! Love the puppy costumes!

  21. Congratulations!! :)

  22. Congrats! I long to own a house but living in Silicon Valley makes that a giant fucking joke of a dream.


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