Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Stills: The Outdoor Arena

For the first time in three or four months, we were able to use the outdoor! I don't have anything exciting to say about this momentous occasion, nor do I really have any mind blowing pictures. Sorry.

I would just like to say that I win the Slumpy McSlumperson Award. I need "Shoulders Back"'s cousins "Erect Spine" and "Activated Core". Clearly those things are missing when I don't have walls of mirrors to constantly remind me to sit the fuck up for fuck's sake.

But this blog ain't no equitation blog, so I'll share my slumpy ass pictures with you anyway!

gosh, my boobs look fabulous.
a perfect example of why bobby lived in bell boots.
leg yielding his bad direction.
lengthening....with a heel first landing!!
more flicky toes.

And if those pictures weren't enough of a let down, have some really boring video to go with it! Shit yeah!

Warming up in the canter:

And the lengthenings:

It's the weekend. Go outside and do something productive. Don't judge me for this boring as Hades blog entry.


  1. Lol. You're post is about as exciting as mine will be about my lesson today, sometimes its just nice to hear not everyone is going to amazing shows and jumping crazy jumps all the time.

  2. Pfft you are never boring, I would love some activated core and erect spine and maybe some chin up mother fucker.

    1. OMG, best comment ever! <3 you both. Hilarious! Love the blog commentary, one of my favs.

  3. The pic captions crack me up! Thanks for the laugh :)

  4. AWESOME! We had out first ride outside too. Great captions. :)

  5. Sometimes boring is a good thing... not that I've ever found your posts particularly boring. He looks great!

  6. Great weather and a sound horse that you get to ride sounds line a win to me!!

  7. Very jealous of this "riding outside"


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