Saturday, January 4, 2014

Even More Saturday Stills!

Things are that boring around here. Actually things are that cold around here. Between the highs in the single digits, the snow, and PA's inability to manage roads with snow on them, the barn has been on the back burner.

This morning, however, Hubby took the Kelpie out trapping with him and Pig got to go to the barn for her own special Pig adventure. She was back to bouncing around like a lunatic Friday morning, but we're trying not to encourage crazies for another day or two. You would never be able to tell she got her face bashed by a truck two days ago. Cattle Dogs are the most indestructible animals on the planet.

no worse for wear.

I took Memphis and Bobby up to the outdoor for some snowy romping pictures, but they declined to participate. They thought it was too cold, too. But I did get some cute pictures of a bunch of the horses that were out, so to tide you over for a real riding post (don't hold your breath for one in the immediate future), here are more Saturday Stills:

scooter and star
memph and robert reluctantly responding to my pleas for movement

And, for the finale, I called both boys over to the gate to come in but only Memphis deigned to walk over. I put his halter on, swung the lead rope over his neck, and called Pig over. She's not at all a fan of horses--having been kicked by them enough to know they're not that fun to play with--but she obediently listened to my "Hold him" command and kept Memphis from walking after me. Working dogs are the shit.

after she'd bounced out in front of him when he turned to follow.
note memphis's "wtf was that?!" expression.


  1. You take such gorgeous pictures. Horses look so beautiful in the snow.

  2. aww I'm glad Pig got her own adventure and seems to be right as rain.

  3. Pig looks great. I want to teach Chevy how to hold the rope and walk the horses. The Cowboy's dog helps turn in the horses at the big farm. Absolutely adorable...

  4. Wow, that's quite a bit of snow! Love the pics.

  5. Just read your post about Pig, glad she's doing ok!

  6. I miss my cattle dog mix Lady. She was tough as nails and always ready for trail rides. She could go all day.

  7. Those are some great pics! I LOVE my cattledog! He is the BEST!

  8. Pig Pig has an adventure, cute. I agree Cattle Dogs are crazy hardy.

  9. Replies
    1. I wanted to add I told my husband about your dog incident, his comment was "obviously, cattle dogs can be hit by trains and still live to tell". LOL

  10. Oooh. Putting the herding dog to work. I like it.

  11. That's awesome! My Husky would be gone, gone, gone if I asked him to do that.


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