Saturday, September 28, 2013


Ho-ly, things have been cray at the barn!

On Wednesday, BO went in for extensive back surgery so the vibe around the barn was kind of weird to begin with. Not that BO hangs out all the time in the barn (she's usually down in the arena teaching), but still. She's the BO. Not even having her available was strange.

Anyway, BM was bringing horses in and out from turnout so I and another girl were grooming our horses in their stalls to stay out of the way. Bobby's stall is in the main barn and K's horse's stall opens out into the court yard, and all of the sudden I heard this massive bang and Memphis comes prancing into the main barn all by his lonesome. A few seconds later, I hear K yell, "Memphis, you asshole!" as BM leads her in.

To make a long story short, K was opening her stall door right as Memphis walked by and for whatever reason, Memphis was supremely offended by this and nailed her in the forearm with a hind leg, breaking both the bones in her arm and sending her in for surgery. K was crushed because she's now going to miss out on her entire season of her senior year of field hockey--a sport that she was expecting to get a huge scholarship out of. I feel so badly for her. K is literally the nicest person on the planet, and she didn't deserve to be the recipient of a completely freak accident.

Bobby got ground driven around the outdoor and all around the barn after K had been whisked off to the hospital. He was totally fab and he's totally going to get hitched again either this week or next weekend. Sucker!

Thursday I didn't make it to the barn, but Friday I was out early to hear that we were getting a new horse in. Dan is a 30yo Quarter Horse stallion that just spent three weeks on a trailer from Alaska. He spent his entire 30 years in his owner's back yard by himself, only leaving her property a few times to breed.

Somehow it seemed like a good idea to ship him down here to PA where he attempted to stay at his owner's sister's house with a mare and shoddy fencing. Clearly that didn't work out, and he's now isolated in the quarantine pen where he can't see any other horses because if he does, he goes ballistic. Bobby was the test dummy to see how Dan would react, and while Bobby hung out with a hind leg cocked and ears flopped over sideways, Dan screamed his brains out and ran the length of his gate like a nutter.

We didn't get much accomplished riding-wise because of the distraction, but Bobby was being a complete tool bag anyway.

Saturday, Bobby tied on his sneaks and we went up to the outdoor to try jumping. We both started off with our pretty typical Durh attitude and somehow managed to throw in chips to cross rails that were all of 18" high.

yep. my poor horse jumping despite the dip shit in the driver's seat.

We jumped around a bit, kept missing distances and feeling discombobulated, and generally just being the hot mess the two of us usually are.

although admittedly it does take talent to jump like this.

Finally, Bobby was all, "I hate how tiny these jumps are! I don't even need to really jump them." and I was all, "I hate that you won't pick up your fucking feet over these tiny little jumps!" and gave him a spank and a boot with my legs. Bobby went forward. Very forward. Forward like we could have been on a xcountry course forward. Forward like how we should always be going forward.


I wonder how often you'd find that word in my posts in the past two years when jumping with Bobby. I can guarantee you they'd all be things like, "We weren't forward" or, "We needed to be more forward" or, "Why can't I just get it through my stupid as shit brain to ride forward?!"

But Bobby went today, and I didn't choke him back down. In fact, I was having fun careening around the arena. Why? Because Bobby was jumping out of stride (when deigning to jump at all, and not just putting in a bigger canter stride) and it made life so fucking easy for me. All I had to do was sit there and steer. I wasn't floundering around trying to maintain my fetal position, picking at my reins, and falling on Bobby's neck. I certainly wasn't perfect--as if that would ever happen--but it was fun to jump for once.

I'll hopefully be clipping him tomorrow if my blades are sharp enough, and he'll either get ridden again or ground driven again. Yay sound horse again!


  1. you wanted forward, you got it lol. Yay for soundness.

  2. Poor K :( Glad to see you jumping.

  3. Yeek. Hope that K's arm heals quickly. Can't believe you are already ready to do the first clip! Hoping to wait as long as possible before I clip Houston.

    1. Bobby already looks like a hibernating bear! I'm going to try to get away with just a bib clip for now and minimize the amount of hair I get down my shirt for as long as possible.

  4. Yay sound horse! Haha, love Bobby's derp jumping over the small jumps. Jetta's pretty similar over small jumps - we can't get a distance to save our lives, however she's much too forward over the little fences, lol.

  5. I'm very glad he's sound and happy...and forward! lol

  6. That sounds great! I really need to take myself and the Psycho Mare through some gymnastic lines to see if she is figuring out what to do with her body and let me get out of her way while I figure out what to do with mine!
    OOPS! I meant to say FANCY PONY!

  7. I love the photos! That third jumping one is hilarious. And I'm surprised that you heard a massive thunk and not wild screams of pain. That injury sounds horrible! Here's to healing!

  8. That old horse sounds sketchy!


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